Getting ready for the Universal Lightworker’s Conference

Wednesday, June 10, 2009.  I am beginning to pre-pack for the Universal Lightworkers’ Conference this weekend in Fort Lauderdale. I lucked out with having a houseful of guests and repair people scheduled and best of all, I don’t have to be there for it!  Even last week I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make the time to go, but I just set the intention that whatever needed to be done in the meantime, would get done.  And everything is working out perfectly.  “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” – Goethe. So I began prepacking before I knew for sure I was going, because that would focus me in that direction, and help things fall into place quicker.

Being out of town at a conference is pretty easy for me, since I have it down to a formula.  I especially like the Universal Lightworkers’ Conference because it’s a location I’m familiar with and it’s only a couple of hours from home.  I make sure I have healthy foods with me so I don’t have to run out unless I want to.  I always bring work with me and have a mini-office set up in my room so I can get work done during breaks in between workshops.  I bring an ice chest with some fruit, some juices, a couple of prepared salads and maybe a couple of hard boiled eggs.  I bring a package of Spirutein to make a smoothie each morning.   I also bring an electric hotpot and a couple of cans of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup.  I like to eat light when I am away.  I also always bring my favorite herbals teas, including Throat Coat tea.

On Saturday evening, I will miss the Speakers’ Dinner since I have readings scheduled. It’s how I pay for the weekend, so I’ll be on the phone all evening.  The Speakers’ Dinner is a lot of fun and it’s where you get to sit and speak informally with everyone.  You are grouped into tables of 6-8 and, after dinner, there are competitive games between the tables.  The first year was when I met Doreen Virtue and sat at Gregg Braden‘s table for the competitions. I sat next to Gregg’s wife and it was fun learning we know a lot of the same people. Gregg is a real wizard of gadgetry, and he was rigging up all kinds of fun gags to play on everyone.  He is the most fun ever and a real prankster.  One year I sat at Dan Millman‘s table.  Fred Alan Wolf was there one year, as was Raymond Moody and Jean Shinoda Bolen.  Through the Universal Lightworkers’ Conference I’ve met some people who have become good friends to this day. This year I am excited my friend Michelle Whitedove will once again be there, so we can hang a little bit in person.  She’s like me.  We see what we do as not just a job, but as a service and a mission, so work always comes first.  We stay in touch more on the inner planes than the outer.

I’ve been wanting to get some interior painting done, but wasn’t ready for a house full of crazy cousins helping hands to descend upon me quite yet, so I’ve been putting it off.  With two roommates, that would make for a very crowded couple of days and I have to psych myself up ahead of time for that.  But now, problem solved! They will do it this weekend while I’m gone.  And they can’t get in too much trouble since my uncle has the car, so I literally have a captive work crew.  The fridge is stocked, my personal space is locked up.  Just for good measure, I have my pal Joy coming by to “feed the kitties” and do a surprise check on everyone.  And yes, I know they will read this and be alerted to be on good behavior, but that’s not a bad thing either, is it?

The pre-packing is a great idea.  You know how you pack things and then think later, what did I forget?  This way I am packed 3 days early, so when I think of something I’ve forgotten, I simply toss it in.  When I think of something I have packed that I won’t really use, I take it out.  I have everything consolidated into one big rolling bag, including the laptop computer.  That’s how I roll.

I look forward to seeing friends this weekend.   Some people I see at the conferences yet don’t really know, but feel they are family as well.

And when we’re together, we know we’re One.

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