Gaining Legal Access to Landlocked Property

I just learned my Property For Sale 30 Minutes South of Daytona Beach falls under a un-recorded subdivision, so it is landlocked. This means there is no deeded right of way so you would go through the process to apply for an easement to gain access and for use.  My pal Tod McNeal Google searched: “how to gain access to landlocked lots in Florida when no access is deeded” and below are links to all the info.  So the reason each 2.5 acre lot is priced at only $6,000 is so I don’t have to deal with all the paperwork.

What Does Landlocked Mean? Landlocked refers to a property that has no direct access to a public street. A landlocked property gains access through a legal permission.

Easy Steps for Accessing Landlocked Property

Easement Legal Q & A:

How to Get a Deeded Easement to a Landlocked Property

Don’t Block That Easement!

Laws in the State of Florida About Landlocked Properties

Wiki: Other land owners around your land cannot refuse access

Florida Statutes Chapter 704 on Easements

Florida case law Bell v. Cox on a necessity easement

I purchased 2.5 acres of landlocked property at a tax deed