Friends of the World Gathering in Yoga Shakti Mission Palm Bay, FL on March 16, 2014

Ma Yoga Shakti invites you to join us at the Annual Friends of the World Gathering at Yoga Shakti Mission on Sunday March 16 Noon to 4pm. Anyone wishing to have a booth  please contact Shyama  at or 321 725 4024.  Free admission.  There will be a variety of cultural dances, music, drama, international food and vendor booths. We hope to provide an atmosphere of openness and genuine appreciation of each other’s special talents and cultural heritage, thereby promoting understanding and friendship of all races and cultures.  

All are invited to the Friends of the World Gathering to be held in the Yogashakti Pavilion on Sunday March 16th from 12 noon – 4 pm.   Philippine, African, Middle Eastern, Indian, Hawaian  and English dancers are expected to perform as well as  a Capoeira  group, bluegrass and Russian and Irish singers.  Indian and western vegetarian food will be sold &  local entrepreneurs will display their wares.  All welcome. No admission charge.
* Now accepting vendors * If you or anyone you know is interested in having a booth (only $20, you bring your table and chairs —  for your business and displays by local artists, writers, jewelers, farmers, knitters, soap makers etc. ), performing on stage, attending the function or helping us to spread the word, please contact: Yoga Shakti Mission,  3895 Hield Road, NW, Palm Bay, FL 32907.  321-725-4024 Email