Free e-Book Think and Grow Rich Action Summary. Learning to Make Money Doesn’t Have To Cost You Money

Learning to make money doesn’t have to cost you money.  Unfortunately, it often does because in your quest, you come across all sorts of people who will just compile a bunch of information that is available free on the internet and put it all together into their e-book and sell it to you.  The problem with that is that many of them have not tried any of the techniques they give you, so they don’t really know if they works.  But they have heard that selling e-books works.

Think and Grow Rich Action Summary is a free e-book, where I have highlighted in red the actions that Napolean Hill gave as part of the process in his book Think and Grow Rich.  The entire book is available as a free download, and in red are all the “actions” he instructs you to do for success. Every time without fail that I work this process, it works for me.  The degree of my success in each instance is directly related to the degree of my focus and daily practice of the techniques. Note:  The actions alone are not sufficient for success.  In reading the book, there is a definite progression of thoughts building one upon the next.  There is a psychological reason for the language, and sometimes absence of language.  So reading the words in red alone will not give you the entire insight that reading the book will, and indeed you may miss the best part. Having said that, even if all you read are the lines in red, your world can change literally overnight.  Really.  And it didn’t cost you a thing.

Update: Think and Grow Rich script from last month fulfilled
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