Finding satisfaction in watching wildlife as I work

Tuesday, April 14, 2009. Yesterday was really a busy day for me as I worked on final layout of the May Horizons Magazine.   I took several breaks to run around the yard putting out black oil sunflower seeds for the cardinals who are nesting in the bush next to my back porch.  At lunchtime, I sat on the porch watching the mama cardinal on the nest and saw two young raccoons scarfing up the sunflower seeds in broad daylight.  Well, not so broad daylight under the mulberry tree where there is such deep shade, but I usually don’t see the raccoons until sundown.  It was like dinner theater as I watched dozens of little finchy wrens descend upon the mulberry tree. I had the sprinkler going to water in new cuttings, and it was hitting the lower branches. These little birds – whatever they are – were taking turns bathing in the sprinkler. The cats were yards away, looking at them, transfixed.  There had to be 3-4 dozen of them.   

Just outside my office window is a giant philodendron next to a birdbath, and the birds usually line up on the branches until it’s their turn at the bath.  The papa cardinal stands shrieking on the branches waiting for the doves to leave.  He is such a blabbermouth. Mama cardinal is like “just shut up and bring me some seeds and feed them to me already.”

Last night’s menu was yet another veggie stirfry, my fave.  Jasmine brown rice with onion, ginger, carrot and red pepper. I like using vegetables like peppers and brussels sprouts and eggplant as a main dish. It keeps the pounds off also.  I also tossed some fresh green beans into the remainder of my homemade bean soup.

I took my proofreading out into the living room about 9pm and fell asleep about midnight in my chair.  I got up about 2am and went to bed and stayed there until 6am.  After my morning meditation, I walked back into the living room and saw the leftovers from last night’s debauchery: an apple core, half a dozen loquat seeds, 2 empty water bottles, a crumpled napkin, an empty spinach bag.  Well, at least it wasn’t beer cans and overflowing ashtrays.

I’m having some of my vegetable bean soup for breakfast and getting ready to get into my day.  I just re-read this and thought, well this is kind of a lame blog post.  But is it?  Is it lame to find fun and satisfaction in doing the little daily things I do?  I don’t think so.

If I do this every day for the rest of my life, well, then I will have had a fun and satisfying life.  You can’t beat that.

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