Feeling insecure and unsafe after recent events?

We experience much suffering when we think we only get one life and one body. Sure, this body you’re in right now, that skin and those bones will die. You’ll go to sleep in that tired worn shell and awaken to find yourself emerging fresh into a new body, once again at the beginning of a life, like a butterfly. We survive in consciousness after the change called death, just as we survive in consciousness after the change called sleep.    Growing up as a child, I was always comforted when my mom would say we would see our loved ones again, they were just on the other side of a wall, kind of like when Abraham says it’s as though they are in another room and soon we will be in that room as well. The butterfly will emerge from the cocoon (we, emerging into the next “life”) ad infinitum. When we understand that, we don’t feel loss when a loved one cocoons, we feel a connection with them no matter what stage they are in, physical or non-physical.

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