Facebook shows us another side of our friends

I joined Facebook in 2009. FB shows us another side of the people we know, a side we may only get to know if we spend daily time with them for years. Someone I’ve met in real life and know as a kind, fun-loving and spiritual person is now posting pro-Trump, hateful, intolerant, racist and body shaming memes about “Democrats.” I’m used to the side of her that quotes ACIM “Look beyond the error in your brothers and sisters! God does not see — or perceive — error, God knows only unconditional love.

 I don’t need to engage her or try to change her mind. That would only separate and divide us more.  She accepts a different premise than I do. If you accept the premise, the logic follows. But I’ve learned with people I consider my tribe that if I fall out of orbit with one for whatever reason, I’ll soon come into orbit with those who meet me at my current vibrational resonance. And it’s always an upgrade.