Cultivate deep love and appreciation to attract a better life

Science has proven that human emotion influences the material world and produces effects which defy conventional laws of physics.  Bottom line: Individuals trained in feelings of deep love and appreciation were able to intentionally change the shape of the DNA in their bodies.

Why would I want to change the shape of my DNA or train myself to feel deep love and appreciation?   Because the process not only changes the DNA within us, it changes MATTER OUTSIDE us, in our material world. That is, it determines what type of experiences, people and circumstances, we attract into our lives.

Gregg Braden speaks of everyone having “an internal technology,” that is: the ability to Feel a Certain Way, to Create a Certain Emotion in our body, our mind. 

How do I activate this internal technology so I can attract a happier, more fulfilling, better life?  We activate this internal technology when we take time to quiet our mind in meditation and do a few minutes of create-ive visualization, bring to mind thoughts that make you feel deep love and appreciation, visualizing a good and happy result.

When we bring that thought to mind, we remember it clearly enough that we can re-produce and BRING FORTH THE EMOTION OF IT.  

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