Building momentum – do it for the income and do it for the outcome

There are times when I’m real productive and motivated and times when I’m not.  In those down times, what carries me forward is the momentum I’ve built up from the past. When I’m in my crazy workaholic mode, I set a lot of projects and ideas into motion. I talk to a lot of people and we get a lot of things going.  Many of these projects are income related but all of them are outcome related.  I’ve learned it’s important for me to build momentum in both areas.

I build momentum in my business and in my income by keeping myself motivated enough to stay intensely interested in several things at once, things that allow me to provide services or products someone is waiting to buy.  What the marketers call multiple streams of income.  And I’m not talking about getting involved in multi-level marketing.  For me, it’s a few readings here, a few astrology charts there, I sell a few cds and mp3 files, I do some editing work and a few speaking gigs, and it all adds up to getting my bills paid while doing work I enjoy doing. By building momentum for my business in the form of income, it can carry me through any lean times.

I build momentum in my own good attitude by cultivating being hopeful and optimistic.  By looking for the benefit in every situation.  By looking for what’s right with the world, everywhere I look. By not getting caught up when those around me are being critical and complaining.  I am glad for this momentum in my own good attitude when the infrequent melancholy mood passes through me.  My hopeful momentum carries me through it relatively unscathed.

I build momentum in my health by staying as conscious as I can about what foods I put into my body, and why.  In the last 5 years I’ve come to see my food as my medicine and I’ve never been healthier.  A couple of times a year I’ll have some allergy or bug but they are over with quickly now that I am a healthy eater.  It used to take a chest cold months to move on, but I was a heavy meat and starch eater back then.  The cooties had a much heavier soup to swim through on their way through my system, so it took them longer to do it.  Now that I eat primarily light and live, fresh foods, a  little low energy is usually the worst I feel and I am over it within a day or 2.  Eating healthily now creates good momentum for my future physical well being.

I build momentum as far as emotional support with my friends and family by staying interested in what they do and who they are.  This way I don’t come to the end of my life and feel left all alone because I didn’t make time for them the past 40 years I was a workaholic.  Sound familiar?  We all know elderly people like that, and they don’t know how they got there.  Spending more time with friends and family is something I am working toward.  Emotional support with them is an area where I want to build momentum, and that means I need to work on it.  My emotional support tends to be tied so much to my work. I tend to spend time only with those I work with.  Then I come across friends I don’t do business with, and I want to spend time with them, too.  I tend to prioritize time to be able to provide services to as many as I can, so that’s an area to work on as well.

What momentum are you building now for your future escrow?
What do you want to have waiting in escrow for you?
Where will you work on building momentum?

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