Remedy for a universal condition: Begin living the expanded life as soon as you choose to direct your own thoughts

searchingA friend writes, “Where do I belong? Where do I fit in? Something big is about to happen and I can feel it. I’m being pulled, but to where? I tire of living….no wait. I don’t live. I’m tired of existing. I feel so indifferent towards everything as if in the end it won’t matter anyhow. We all have to die someday. Why bother doing or learning anything if we’re just going to die and the information gathered will fade away into nothingness? I don’t know. I just don’t understand and all I want is to go home so I can search the cosmos for my lost love.” 

Sound familiar?  Can you feel his pain? I responded: I hear so many people each week with this, so I know it is a universal condition: the overwhelming ennui, the feeling of not belonging and searching for connection with something that gives our lives meaning and purpose. You are in not alone in this. It’s not easy to change focus when your thoughts pull you this way, then that. You can only begin living a different experience 0nce you choose to pivot your focus to better feeling thoughts and activities. It gets easier with practice.

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