Ask the right question, you’ll get the answer yourself each time, my job is to bridge the gap

spark glowing ballThe spidey sense is ON!! I like doing email readings and charging per question. I say that your question can be as complex as you wish and (to get the most for your $25) to be creative with your question, think it through to make sure you’re asking the most important question. I’m often asked in a reading: “Is so-and-so my soul mate, are we going to be together?” The answer they want to hear is a yes or no.  If they saw the bigger picture ahead as I do, they’d know their real question is “am I ever going find find love and be happy in a relationship?” I know my job is to help them bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.  Between their vibrational resonance in the Now, which is responsible for attracting what they are experiencing right now, and  the vibrational frequency of the life they want to live.

I help them bridge this gap by giving them what they need to know in order to make the change in consciousness that is required before their material world, 3-D life can change.  They may think JoeBlow is their soulmate, yet it may be a year later that they split and she meets the love of her life whom she marries and lives happily ever after.  So is it fair to simply answer her question with yes or no? I tell them what I see, but I also tell them what they need to understand about the question they are asking. I give the lessons to be learned in it. I let them know what role they may be unknowingly playing and the reasons behind it. I let them know how to morph their self talk to help them get into the vibe and attract the future they want. I don’t just give yes and no answers.  I give insight and perspective that lets you begin to see your entire world in a new way. So make sure you’re asking the most important question. Having said that, once you get the question formulated, you don’t need me or anyone to give you the answer, you’ll have it. I love losing clients to their own intuition.

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