Applying to refinance my mortgage, everything falls into place magically

I spent yesterday getting documents together to refinance my home mortgage at a better interest rate. That wasn’t what I set out to do when I woke up. I was due at the downtown Melbourne post office at 8:30am Monday for the mailing of the June Horizons Magazine.  Then I was going to drive north to Cassadaga.  As I was packing the car, I thought, I should make up a deposit since I’ll pass right by the bank.  As I made up the deposit, I thought, I should ask what the balance is on my mortgage while I’m there.  As I grabbed my bank file so I’d have my account number in the car with me, I thought let me take my homeowner’s insurance file also, to ask what my $283 increase was for.  I saw my tax returns and thought, maybe I should see if I prequalify for a refinance while I’m at the bank, but didn’t take them.  I had a busy few days ahead and would think about that later.

As I left the post office, my Cassadaga appointment cancelled, so I called my bank and asked if I could see someone about refinancing my mortgage.  Like in 10 minutes.  I was told to come in to see Brian, who was finishing with a customer. Then I got why my guidance asked me to put my tax returns in the car – which I did not do.  Dang, I gotta remember to listen to that.

So I called my tax accountant and asked if I could come pick up a copy of my tax return.  Like in 20 minutes, since I would be passing by. She said yes – I love modern technology!  I went to see Brian, who gave me my mortgage balances and referred me to his mortgage guy in Melbourne.  I asked if I could see him in 30 minutes.  He said come on up.  I picked up copies of my tax returns on the way there.  I was glad I had my homeowner’s insurance file with me.

I hadn’t really given much thought before that about refinancing, since I thought I already had decent rates – a first mortgage at 6.74%.  A second mortgage at 7.99% had just 2 years left.  The thought just kind of popped into my head about refinancing, then I was guided to start collecting files and info to have with me when I spontaneously called to meet with everyone.  I’d just the day before made a list of my annual expenses, so I took that with me too, since it had my property tax amounts on it.  The energy was lining up before I became aware of it.   It just so happened that I had everything with me to make the application process a breeze.

When asked what I thought my home value would realistically be in today’s market, I guessed $10,000 lower than the neighborhood comparables he found online.  I have learned to not inflate numbers because they are going to adjust them at the end anyway.  Just let myself get prequalified honestly so there are no surprises later.  Entering into any kind of a contract involving money, everyone assumes everyone lies anyway, so I say just save everyone’s time and stop puffing and inflating.  What you have is enough.  Who you are is enough.  Without embellishment.

It had been a hectic week before, a rush of several friends needing serious attention.  The last day was spent completely decompressing and spending a healing night alone in nature.  After I allow myself to relax so deeply like that, that’s when the good ideas pop right into my head.  That’s when I have released enough resistance to allow me to tune in to my guidance system.  That’s when I’m chill enough to say, “Ok, this makes no sense but let me throw the file in the car anyway.”  I’ve learned my lesson too many times by going contrary to guidance.

I also called my homeowner’s insurance company to ask why my rate had increased and what I could do to bring it down.  I had not updated it to add hurricane shutters, so that gave me a discount.  They suggested a wind mitigation inspection.  I’d had a new roof put on in 2005, so I know I’m up to code and qualify for more than a $100 discount, which is the amount the inspection will cost me.

Not surprisingly, the mortgage lender gave me the name of someone he recommended for wind mitigation inspection, and the appraiser will be out later this week. It was the perfect end to the perfect day.  It all fit together, the entire day long, all these transactions.

It all fell into place so fast and I wasn’t even consciously thinking about it.  All I did was have a thought of something I might like, then listen to guidance take me to it.

I find when I’m the busiest is when I can just automatically take on more to do and things fall quickly into place for me.  That’s because I’ve gotten the energy lined up ahead of time.  That’s because I believe my life always changes for the better.  That’s because I constantly look for evidence that my life is changing for the better.

And I always find what I look for.
Don’t you?

Spending a healing night alone in nature
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