And this is why they pay me the big bucks

I did –> a reading <– for a friend 2 months ago, where she asked about moving into a particular gated community.  She’d made an offer on the only available home and wanted to know if her loan would be approved.  A perfect example of asking a short-sighted question.  I told her while I saw her being turned down for this particular loan, there was another unit in the same community about to come on the market, and it was more suitable for her as well. That one would be approved. The question: “Will yesterday’s loan application be approved?” was shortsighted. The better question would have been “Will I live in this community? Will I buy my dream home in this community?”  She texted me this week, after I asked for an update on the new home: “Like you had said… one was about to go on the market but had not been listed yet. When I called the realtor who had listed one of the rentals in the community, she offered to show it to me and I said I would buy it.  It played out just like you had visioned.  I am living here in a pre-occupancy agreement until I close in August.”