Achey hands: karma, hereditary or did I attract it?

I believe everything I experience comes to me somehow in corelation to the sum of my thoughts, my overall thought pattern. When I focus on making life happy, I find happiness. When I begin focusing on a problem, life gets hectic, aches and pains appear. It’s easy to ignore aggravating Facebook posts and steer clear of personality conflicts, but some things CAN’T be ignored, like a leaky roof or a water pump going out. Some things I’ve gotta focus on long enough to resolve. I’ve learned that how easily I let myself resolve it will determine how everything else gets resolved as well. The past 2 years I’ve been kinda tripping with having sprained first one hand/wrist then the other, but also tending to necessary house repairs. I know if I can stay off them for 6 weeks, it’ll be good as new. But about week 4 when it begins feeling better, I start using them again and re-injure. And hafta start over, again and again, blah blah blah. My own fault. My mom had hand and wrist problems and I began to wonder if it was hereditary or just that we both typed for a living. As usual, Abraham-Hicks gave great clarity on the question.

Abraham-Hicks was asked: Is it ALL vibrational? Aren’t there traits that we pass on to our children, physical characteristics, capability of mind, capability of body, abilities, health. How much control does that have over me now? 
Abraham: responded: You need not be negatively affected by anything, but when you are negatively influenced, it is because you are allowing your active thought to be one that disallows what you really want. It is quite common to pass negative expectations on from generation to generation, but at any point, a person who recognizes the discord of that negative thought, who recognizes that the negative emotion means that his Inner Being does not agree, can gradually omit those resistant thoughts, which are at the core of all illnesses, diseases, and negative experiences.

I had a great evidential. When the paws get too achey, a couple times a month I’ll take ibuprofen and it knocks it right out bcz ibuprophen suppresses the hormone that causes inflammation. So after a particularly active day of using my hands, I took 3 ibuprofen and fell asleep. I awoke four hours later, completely out of pain, feeling good. Until, 2 hours later, when I noticed the 3 ibuprophen sitting on the counter that I did not take but thought I did.