Abraham-Hicks on Acts of Terrorism

Maintain Your Connection

Allow Your Connection

Abraham: Most will feel the impact of today’s events because the events themselves will control their thoughts. Remember, the terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach is the result of your disconnection from your Energy Source. And while you cannot control the actions of those who commit acts of destruction — you do have control over the valve which allows or disallows the Source of Energy into your being. Whenever you experience powerful negative emotion, your relief from it is equally available. So to really understand what true Allowing of Source Energy is, turn your thoughts for a few minutes, to the details of your own life’s activities. Experience the relief that occurs in the pivoting of your focus. Then stop and say to yourself, “This is good. I have allowed my Connection, for a moment, here by changing my focus.”  

It is our desire that you find relief from your discomfort. You will not be able to watch the events replayed on your television, and experience your connection with your Source. You will not be able to search for the reason for the attack or seek revenge against those responsible, and experience your connection with your Source. Some may misunderstand our message of “Allowing,” believing that it means to accept the actions of those responsible, seeking no revenge, and trying to make their actions right or understandable. “Allowing” means there are no circumstances — even as extraordinary as the events of this day — to use as your excuse to disallow your Connection.

While the mind of human consciousness is spinning in the confusion of these events, the Energy of Well-being, from which all has come forth, dominates. Even if every human consciousness were disconnected as a result of their awareness of this event, your balance of Well-being still remains staggeringly dominant.

We can offer no explanations that will satisfy. But we do know that your fantastic lives will continue and that the balance of your planet is dramatic Well-being.  And that the statistics of those personally affected compared to those not personally affected is so great that it almost cannot be measured.

Understand that even under these conditions, YOUR Well-being is still in place. Do your best to find your personal Connection, and do not fret when it appears that most of the world is making no effort to find their Connection. Know that as far as YOUR life is concerned, it is enough that YOU find your Connection. And trust that the Well-being of your planet does still — and always will — survive.

Reprinted from: Abraham-Hicks on the Events of 9-11

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