A peaceful end to a roller coaster ride

A friend has burned another bridge, this time his mother as he leaves her in the lurch after having housed him and his girlfriend since February, with no help from them.  I’ve seen the violent outbursts firsthand and am glad she’s free of the financial drain and psychological abuse from them both. Being across the street I hear more than I want to hear. There is never an excuse to disrespect anyone as they’ve both done.  Never. I’m sure there will be an interesting spin on this story in their blogs, but I won’t be reading them.  I wasn’t even asking for the info last week when my spidey sense told me that I should out of the blue call his father, whom I’ve known 20 years.  Unknown to me at the time, he’d just had the blow up at home and stormed out to move in with his dad. My spidey sense “warned me” but I didn’t know of what. I just knew he was no longer at his mom’s, who lives across the street from me.

I followed his behavior swings for 2 years, so I knew it was just a matter of time. His dad is in precarious physical and mental condition and easily taken advantage of. He’s done it before.  Although it was a persistent thought, I opted to not make the phone call, choosing instead to leave everyone to their own karma. For me, it is sweet relief. I felt responsible for his mom taking him into her home. I’ve known her twenty years but believed the story he told me when he asked for help.  I aggressively lobbied for him to live there. He said he’d had an awakening and changed. I apologize to her and to everyone involved for the fireball we all rolled ourselves into.

It was a cleansing fire and we’ve made it out on the other side intact, and with eyes more fully wide open. Bless him for thinking he has to live like this to survive. Bless him for thinking the guitar he stole from me will ever play sweet music for him. Bless everyone he attracts on his journey. I consider it an honor to have been of service, and am grateful beyond description to be on the other side of it.
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