A dream after Fran Jenkins’ visit

Fran Jenkins came over last night and we sat out at the firepit. It was a nice visit.   After she left, I went to bed about 11pm and stayed there until almost 7am. I had several dreams that she was in and I will have to meditate upon the meanings. She was at a desk and I got the impression she was at the checkbook getting ready to write a check, however her arms were bound to the table. As she tried to move her arms, promissory notes kept piling up underneath them, like she’d get her hand moved off the table about 3” and 3” worth of prom notes would appear under them. The arms bound at the checkbook is my typical dream for someone who has some karmic debts to be repaid before income can start flowing.  

In the distance although in the same room – the room seemed as big as her whole building – I could see 2 women and a man bound to a cross waiting for release. But instead of release, someone was in the process of piling bricks up as if walling off that part of the room where the 3 were. That someone was not F, however it was someone who was doing it – or had the idea they were doing it – on Fs behalf.

Then I was outside the building looking across at it, and it was being pressure cleaned. Last week Fran mentioned pressure cleaning the car lot building before the psychic fair in April. Then I was still across the street (US 1?) looking at it, but then I was up over it, looking down into the rooms, as the roof had gotten blown off by the pressure. Aside: as I type this, my grammar check in Microsoft Word has underlined it in green for me, and because it’s more clearly brought to my attention because of the underlining, upon re-reading it the metaphor seems clear: internal pressure is blowing the roof off the situation (whatever “the situation” is.) The underline is in green so I guess it’s the money situation

Back to being outside, from up above the rooms looked empty except for the part with the 3 people being walled off. When I was back down at street level, I could see through the open front door that the rooms were still full of furniture, etc. But as seen from above after the roof had blown off, they were empty except for the one section. I felt the 3 people were very sad although it wasn’t because of their ‘plight” at being bound to the cross, more at having lost something valuable but not like money or material things.

The next scene or dream had one of those crime shows on tv, like a reenactment showing a real estate closing and afterwards new construction on an old building. A false wall is removed and then a wall of money stacked like bricks to the ceiling, and behind it, 3 people are found. The people are alive but they are all either shocked or deaf mutes who make no effort to communicate like by writing or whatever; they are kind of like people who are over medicated, or like the astral shell appears: dull, unanimated, unresponsive. In the background is a child having a long, loud, crying fit and everyone is ignoring him.

Ok I forgot part of the dream until just now, at this point in the tv show dream, sparks as if from a campfire came up and began burning everything down and then it is as if it was a reality show being filmed, and the camera guys are all scurrying out of the way but still wanting to record the blazes. A couple of them get caught in the blaze but no one really notices or cares. In the corner I see Dennis H. is giving a table séance and the table starts dancing away from everyone and I think how smart, it doesn’t want to get burned. F tosses a clove cigarette into the fire as she works at the desk.

The next scene or dream is the big parking lot being filled but I don’t think they are cars to sell, they seems more like cars that are parking for an event. The first room you walk into is like a big lobby, and it has a child in the corner, weeping kind of low and looking very sorrowful. He’s facing the wall and on the wall above him is a photo of him bound to a cross with a lotus flower at his feet; and in the center of the lotus is a bundle of money. He turns around every time the door opens but I don’t think he’s expecting anyone, he just wants to see who is coming in. In the trash can next to him are several of the same photo in broken frames, discarded.

The next scene is a big, big funeral and the same child is there crying and the 3 people are on their crosses like the other dream (note: Easter is this weekend). The people are alive and still dull and unresponsive. The casket is open and there is money inside and somehow I know it is $155,000. A woman is draped over the casket and has a blade thru her heart, pinning her to the casket face up. I can’t make out the face but at the time I seemed to know who it was but it’s gone now.

There is like a choir off to one side while this is going on, but they are all small, sad children kind of weeping in unison, not people singing. Then “the choir” is around a firepit kinda like mine and they are burning the money and in the background, the stabbed woman and the 3 on the crosses begin to all dance together and it turns into a party for everyone and finally the kids have stopped weeping.


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