A tip: if your partner breaks up with you on Friday night, don’t spend the weekend calling around to random psychics offering them your credit card number in the hopes that it is going to bring you peace of mind or the answers that you want. Some things resolve themselves with just a couple nights’ sleep. It is better to have a couple days’ thought time to sort things out in your mind rather than talk to whoever it is you might attract when you are in that crazy emotionally upset place. Trust me. To my friends who are trying to release resistance this weekend and get out of an icky feeling place, remember when you are in conversation with friends, stay OFF that topic altogether. Do not repeat over and over all the gruesome details that really tick you off and make you upset. Repeating the story over and over again and even remembering the story over and over again will keep you in a stuck place. Get on another topic, something fun and pleasurable, and stay there for as long as you can, I am not kidding. Even if you can only do it for five minutes at a time right now. Step away from it long enough that healing grace can wash over you and help you move to a better feeling place.

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