Keep an eye out for the dollars

dollars stackHere’s a fun way to exercise your creative visualization. Found money is one way the Universe likes to surprise us when we’re in the flow. Look at the bills in the image. See them against the white background.
1. Now see them on the floor in your closet.
2. Now see them in the pocket of a coat.
3. Now see them under the socks in your dresser.
4. Now see them in that secret side pocket in your wallet, or in the glove compartment.
5. See them on the floor of your garage.
6. See them on the side of the roadway on your morning walk.
7. See them on the floor at the grocery and on the ground at the gas station.

Keep an eye out for them. Give it a few days. Report back where it showed up. You can also do this with a lost object. Imagine seeing it in a few different settings, then begin searching then staying on lookout for it.

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