I went to Lois Fredick’s yesterday to pick up my taxes and got some good surprises. She made me an LLC and said my taxes should be half next year. Had I been an LLC for tax year 2007, I would have saved $5,000. That’s good to know. I am surprised at how little sending the IRS $10k bothers me but am also real delighted it doesn’t. Kind of like when mom’s body passed I wasn’t sad and didn’t miss her because now she feels closer than ever and part of me. I like getting used to the big numbers in income. I like not knowing just when and how spirit is going to gift me with opportunity and abundance. I like meeting with new people, that shakes my shakti up and makes my mind open to new thoughts. When I’m open to new thoughts, I get new ideas and inspirations for fun and income producing projects. I don’t need to search out income, I just need to get in the flow and income will find me.

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