I’ve lost my voice again and had to reschedule a week’s worth of readings. It seldom hurts me when I lose it, but I’ve learned that it is because my voice is gone that I know my vocal cords can be hurt if I don’t let them rest and heal by me not talking. Like if I had a blister on the palm of my hand yet I would clap them in applause several times every hour or so.  It would just take longer to heal.  When I began chanting and doing mantra and giving meditation instruction, and later for hypnosis, my voice became my own version of vibrational sound healing.  I’ve trained it to induce altered consciousness.  I didn’t set out to do that, I just fell into knowing how to do it and it helps with the work.  In the past I have read for audiobooks, but that is hard work, I prefer doing industry and corporate training recordings, I have done commercial voiceover, I like being behind the scenes 🙂


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