I have zero time to do expos, it is all I can do to keep up with the magazine and the readings each month.  I am getting calls in response to my production internship ad, so hopefully I will assemble a helpful team.  Since they are unpaid positions, we’ll see 🙂  Most people want to work for Horizons because they really just want to hang around me *hehe* because they think I am fun all the time.  So we go thru the charade of training and when they don’t get enough personal attention from me anymore, they lose interest and I have gotten behind in work again by training someone.  It’s easier to do it myself for the most part. I don’t mind doing extra work since I love working alone – small price to pay.  I’m lots faster (at what I know) than anyone else also, so I will learn to come to a balance. Anyone who actually shows an interest in the work and an ability to help will get added to the payroll pretty quickly.


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