The December Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

December 2021

The December Horizons is now online at Click here for the  December 2021 Horizons. Here are the horoscopes.

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)
You encounter maximum luck, the stars offer you the opportunity to make unexpected encounters. You make new decisions, you have new projects. You prefer to rely on your instinct to make your choices. You listen attentively to the advice that we give you but like the good Aries that you are, you do things only your way. This month, you are full of affection, you give, you receive it back. If until now your emotivity slumbered because of an increase of activities, Venus comes to wake it up. From the first week your sensitivity is at its highest level, all the little touches affect you, you are happy to discover that we love you for who you are and not for a particular interest.

It would not be bad if you stopped telling others about your love life, your words are repeated and very often distorted. Take care of your relationships, you do not have to reveal everything, keep your garden secret. Around December 5th your loves are going well, on that side you are very satisfied, no pressure, everything is simple. If you are.

Couples engage with their common strengths, relationships are strong, trust reigns. If you have an ambitious project, do not disclose it, wait until you see it evolve before talking about it with your family, this is not the right time. Until December 10th, avoid mixing money and family life.

It’s a nice time for those who are single, even if the temperature outside is cooling off hearts are warming up. Do not wait, the moment is ideal to get closer to someone. You are attractive and desirable, the temperature soars. You have the odds on your side, until December 26th it does not change!

This month is favorable for projects of all kinds, listen to your loved ones, multiply kind attention and everything will roll like clockwork. At the end of the year you have no problem doing so.

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19)

You need to be reassured, dear Taurus. The beginning of the month is chaotic and then around December 16th things change and evolve for the positive. Your anxieties dissipate, your mind frees itself from constraints, you manage to pass over any annoyances. You protect your loved ones, doing everything possible to avoid problems. You gain sympathy. Why not do a little work on yourself by relieving yourself of stress, naturally try to express your feelings, life will seem easier. This month, your fears of lacking money disappear, you are confident, it falls rather well since the time to give gifts has come. Your financial situation increases with the arrival of a small amount of unexpected money, this month you have sown your harvest.

Your love life promises some unexpected and unforeseen twists, it’s like starting a new beginning. There is room for fantasy, usually rather reserved about your feelings, you change your attitudes, it is the great unpacking, the people who love you are delighted. You are sincere in your initiatives.

Around December 7th, your life as a couple is changing, transformations are made, you have no choice but to follow the movement. No reason to panic, you have good energies, your partner enjoys seeing you act for the good of your relationship.

If you had doubts about your love situation, the stars prove you wrong. Someone charms you and you bend. From there, all your ideals become reality. Your dreams become accessible, it’s an early gift. Your loves soar and you end the year in style.

No need to dwell on stories and past events, to lead your life as serenely as possible, you must overcome all that. Take advantage of the chance that is offered to you to start on new bases.

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19)

It’s a quiet end to the year for the natives of Gemini. If there are tunings or adjustments to make, they will be done before the end of the month. Here is what the stars advise for the most carefree and distracted Gemini: better organization, involvement, and good control over the events to come. So try to plan everything, plan time to rest, be methodical. Regarding privacy, a great sorting is required in your address book, only keep sincere and trustworthy people around. In sum, it is a big end-of-the-year cleansing that is needed, new year, new life. These changes may please you, you could take a liking to it.

It’s not a barrel of laughs when it comes to love, it’s a little flat and calm, except that if you open yourself to others others will open up to you. The odds are on your side, so enjoy it. Around the 18th of December, your crazy charm acts and love reaches you, the exchanges are fruitful. Why not display your intentions directly?

After some small difficulties in your relationship, you move in better conditions. Your partner expresses themselves freely on the projects they have for your relationship, you agree with their ideas and you know their expectations. A romantic trip could even bring you closer. For this end of the year the bonds are tightening.

From the 12th to the 19th you make interesting meetings. The period is favorable, it marks a turning point in your love life. Your sixth sense does not betray you, as soon as you catch a glimpse of your future love, you are not mistaken, you are sure that they are the one.

Taking stock of the past year could help you plan more easily for the coming year. If you have not realized some of your projects yet, it’s not that bad. Take time for yourself.

Cancer – (June 20 – July 21)

It’s a beautiful time ahead for you dear Cancer. At the beginning of the month, you are a bit teasing and daring. If we approach the subject of your hypersensitivity, it seems that this month it is a settled story, by deciding to relativize, you are less on the defensive, the exchanges are fluid, new opportunities are presented to you, the stars offer you a real gift. From the second fortnight, it is your ambition that prevails, without making waves, you are curious. December is the month of triumph. Professional and personal projects materialize. Your feelings are safe, your loves satisfy you fully, you decide to follow your instincts. By trusting your intuitions you break down your barriers of protection. The period is conducive to family reunions, being surrounded by your loved ones gives you immense joy.

Above all, seduction is your motive. You advance according to your desires on the path of your loves. To grow in your love life you decide to broaden your horizons. You seduce, statements are spontaneous and inflamed, be careful not to burn the bridge. You find a second wind. You are in a dazzling form.

You need your relationship to be strong and you rely on your partner to prove it to you. Your hopes are rewarded, you realize your projects, your relationship is secure, the balance of your relationship is assured, it’s a little taste of Christmas before the holidays. You end the month with boundless energy.

At the beginning of the month temptations and solicitations are part of the game, it’s up to you to manage the limits and not exceed them. The stars make you enjoy beautiful meetings, if some will prove ephemeral, others will be amazing and durable. You are on a good vibration.

The possibilities are many and varied, you can rejoice because it is a favorable period from every point of view, the exchanges are beneficial. Do not hesitate to embark on new projects by trusting your destiny.

Leo – (July 22 – August 21)

By the 10th, your projects are gaining value, you go on with your eyes closed, you are determined. These are small victories that are good for your morale. You win big, this end of year is rich in events. The stars give you the opportunity to reveal the extent of your talents, the professional field is put forward this month, you have very little time to devote to your loved ones, you do not give them the choice, it risks causing some small disagreements. As usual, you need to shine. You’re lucky, there’s a positive in all that, with the money you’ve earned you spoil the people you love the most. Your entourage is understanding and diplomatic.

You do not enjoy your loved ones enough because time is lacking, it annoys you but you do not show anything, you put on a brave face. In December, your hectic life does not always rhyme with family life. Fortunately, you know how to be forgiven. Around December 26th, the situation returns to normal.

At the beginning of the month your relationship is tense, small misunderstandings interfere and hinders the communication. As you are not a fan of conflict, you quickly decide to lower your guard. From the 14th everything comes back to order. A romantic meal comes to clear the misunderstandings.

A transformation takes place in terms of love, you are amazed by this 180 degree change. Usually pretentious, you drop your armor to reveal yourself in a new light. The Leo charms, seduces and falls in love, roaring with pleasure!

On the professional side everything is fine, you give yourself one hundred percent. On the emotional side, for lack of time you are not involved one hundred percent, you still have room for improvement. Treat your loved ones, devote your attention to them.

Virgo – (Aug 22 – Sept 21)

At the beginning of December the stars whisper in your ear some very interesting tips. Do not rest on your laurels, learn from your mistakes, check your sources before making a decision, so many benevolent recommendations to get you on the right track. You can go blind with projects. The Virgo has the reputation of being a good student, so honor the stars. Around December 15th, the influx of Saturn boosts energies, you are dynamic and raring to go.

For you the family holds an important place, so you redouble attention for your loved ones. As Christmas approaches, you are even more attentive and comforting. On the social level, the exchanges are favorable, towards the 18th one could entrust you with responsibilities.

Lovingly speaking, all is well, behind the facade of a smile you manage to hide your doubts, and it works! You play it subtle, it’s for a good cause. You fall in love with someone, you lose all your means, it makes you even more irresistible. In Christmas time you are emotionally sensitive, it’s pretty cute to watch.

Over time your relationship is strengthened, you are in a very good mood and your partner feels it. The relationship projects multiply, your couple is more solid than ever, you are very happy with this evolution, so you are demonstrative and you multiply the gestures of love.

If your doubts outweigh the rest it is because you are not sure of yourself. Before you start a new relationship, take your time, you do not have to rush into making decisions. Towards the 16th you find an attentive ear, this friendship could well be transformed.

The month looks good, you surf on opportunities, if some doubts persist, you have the will to override it. Do not fight for nothing. The stars send you little signs, stay on the lookout.

Libra – (Sept 22 – Oct 21)

No one can distract you or take you away from your goals, you are determined to complete your projects. So that you can focus on your priorities, the slowest planets devote their energies to helping you. Little by little the doubts are dissipated, your initiatives are paying off. Chance and success are found around December 17th, and it’s not a coincidence. This month, friendships are more important than love. Around the 21st you create new bonds and make new contacts, your social circle expands. On the eve of Christmas, the family atmosphere is warm, you are devoted to your loved ones and vice versa. In the last week, your entourage is hogging you, it suits you perfectly.

We recognize you dear Libra! You are in a phase of permanent seduction. In the middle of the month exciting adventures await you, you make beautiful encounters, and as usual they are to your advantage. Projects for two are emerging. If a romantic relationship evolves slowly it is not negative since you bloom because of it despite everything.

To take full advantage of your partner you plan to find a common job to do. But pay attention it does not necessarily please your other half, take time to discuss it together. If they feel pressure from you, they might grow distant. Find the right dose.

To find the balance in your relationships, you must rely on trust. Do not give importance to a stuffy person. A Libra needs independence. Relax! Good things come to those who wait, planetary influences give impetus to your love.

As you move forward your doubts dissipate, it’s a very good thing. You have no regrets. Experience new events that present themselves as real opportunities. You are not alone, you have support.

Scorpio – (Oct 22 – Nov 20)

You end the year in style, your relationship is at its peak, the exchanges are positive, you gain popularity. From the beginning of the month you are asked, firstly for your talents and skills, but also for your presence. This month you finally provoke the meetings, you are not that shy. As soon as you speak you are listened to. The planetary movements help you in a good way, take advantage of this windfall to create or to finalize projects. The conditions are ideal, let your doubts go, you are confident in yourself. During the third week, everything goes well, even if things are a little different, this time it’s you who go to others. At home you have support.

The field of love is favorable. You do not have to fight to make your ideas heard. Around you, everyone is understanding, you receive expressions of affection, you are very happy. The arrival of the Christmas holidays gives you a balm for your heart. Small pleasures begin to overcome your anxieties.

It’s the return of passion for couples. After some time that was a little complicated, you come back in full force. Your relationship is consolidated, you are moving in the right direction. With your partner you dream to share and realize new projects, towards the 17th your wishes are granted.

Unexpected changes point the tip of their nose. By letting yourself be tamed, you gain the sympathy of some people. By exposing your feelings, there are many chances that you will be loved. It’s a nice revenge for a shy person like you.

Good news, there is nothing to fear, everything is going well for you. Apparently you have found your balance, whether personal, social, or in love. You are wise.

Sagittarius – (Nov 21– Dec 20)

The month of December looks promising. To finish the year you decide to boost your career, you are full of projects, you need to renew your daily life, your choice was not decided on a whim, beforehand everything was evaluated, so now all you have left to do is take the plunge. Around December 13th, opportunities arise, new tracks are to be dug, you start a new life. Because of a peak of activity, around the 27th you could experience a drop in your energy level, nothing really bad, you quickly regain a second wind. The excitement of the arrival of the holiday season gives you energy, your morale is leaping forward.

At the beginning of the month, your ideas are somewhat confused, you swing between feelings and reasons, you do not know where you are. Then thanks to a small miracle you find your smile (a meeting or a reconciliation) everything is much better. You organize yourself so that your activities stick with your private life, you want to preserve the habits of your loved ones.

As a couple you lay all your cards on the table, you prefer to restart on a healthy basis. The arrival of the New Year is conducive to change, so you anticipate. You are more determined than ever, the strength of your relationship allows you to make plans for the future. Joint projects are on the agenda.

If you’ve had a meeting recently, it’s keeping all its promises, but you’re slowly moving forward for the moment. However, around December 19th, everything is accelerating, you’re making giant strides. As incredible as it sounds, you are reassured, you have confidence.

Your activities are many, you are a little tired but everything is fine. Do not ask for too mu

Capricorn – (Dec 21 – Jan 19)

From the 3rd you do not have a minute to breathe, things come one after another without you having time to relax, it does not displease you, on the contrary, you prefer to be busy rather than bored. Until the 17th you lead everything, your professional life, your family life, you are a great Capricorn! Be careful not to tire yourself too much, keep your energy to party, you will need it. Interesting business proposals arrive at almost the same time as Christmas presents, so you may have the opportunity to change your structure or line of business. You progress, around the 23rd. a beautiful evolution is on the program. Additional earnings allow you to invest in stone. Financially, your numbers grow.

At the beginning of the month, your love is calm, then, on the way, you make some adjustments, you find your path. Your destiny in love may well take a new turn. Unexpected proposals or an unexpected journey, you end the year smoothly and the new one begins in beauty. A little patience and you will calmly reach all your goals.

This month you take care of your relationship, you prefer romantic moments, you organize meals alone, this magical period gives you lots of ideas. Your partner appreciates your little attentions, together you spend magical moments, time seems suspended.

Could it be the Christmas season that makes you so nostalgic? A lower morale inevitably leads to some doubts. Those who are single, do not panic, you meet someone, it will change the course of your life. Around December 21st, a nice surprise awaits you, your soulmate is not so far!

A beautiful month in perspective, your projects are going well, your emotional life is on track, just a little flat when it comes to your fitness so take time to rest because it is important.

Aquarius – (Jan 20 – Feb 17)

The relationships are harmonious, no shadows to blacken the picture. You bet on human relationships, it is essential to your fulfillment. Your success depends only on you, you prefer to strengthen your achievements before you embark on new projects. Your ideas are original, it remains only to create them on solid bases, for that you have a good head on your shoulders. Around the 11th, we knock on your door, thanks to your qualities and your seriousness you are solicited. What characterizes you is your openness, from the moment when your merits are recognized, you are the happiest. Awareness stimulates your desire to live differently. Your close entourage sees you as a volunteer.

You need to control everything, your private life, your love life, and your professional life. Your loved ones are pointing it out. They would like to take advantage of you without your activities interfering with the private sector. Small explanations are to be expected. Around December 10th everything is back to normal, thanks to the support of your family you find your balance.

A beautiful complicity is present in your relationship, the Christmas period brings you closer, everyone is willingly involved in their role as spouse. If small details upset your plans, you find the right words and the situation calms down. Until the 31st the atmosphere is soft and warm.

Singles are wary but not for very long. It seems that around December 15th you are forcing fate. If that is not your style usually, it turns out you want to change your habits. You provoke a meeting. You should very soon formalize it.

We come to you for your sense of hospitality and your listening skills, these positive points open new doors for you this month. Jump on all the opportunities without letting fear deceive you.

Pisces – (Feb 18 – March 18)

As soon as your habits are jostled you panic, before panicking, realize that you can take advantage of the changes that are coming. You have a considerable advantage, this month the stars make you benefit from their protection, the angels are with you, if you have an ambitious professional project in mind, those who love you give you a hand, if you hit the ground running, you adapt very easily. You have potential which will bring you unexpected success. Your enthusiasm is such that you could cause some envy. You lead your merry way whether your detractors like it or not. This period is rewarding for family, you have a light heart and the family atmosphere is good.

Your loves are peaceful this month, a sweet atmosphere reigns around your romantic relationships. You do not anticipate any event, you let fate take over. Pisces are pleasing and amusing. Towards the 16th seduction is on the program, you charm and we fall at your feet. You like the feeling that others need you.

As a couple you enjoy laughing, your partner enjoys seeing you as radiant. Your loves are placed under a lucky star, you have every chance to realize your projects. Your other half wants to travel and celebrate the end of the year so you could schedule a romantic getaway.

From the moment you do not expect it, love comes knocking on your door. This meeting causes a change of situation. Family parties are also good for meeting someone. Keep your eyes open, do not miss any opportunity. To celebrate the end of the year, love has the power to give you wings.

The period is advantageous, you benefit from good astral vibrations, do not postpone your projects, surf on the beautiful opportunities that are proposed to you. Do not be afraid of failure, trust yourself.