Monthly Archives: July 2018

When my Android keyboard switches to that little keyboard

That key is usually the MICROPHONE key EXCEPT in Google search on my Android.

I’ve got this thing I do on my phone sometimes without meaning to. I just discovered what causes it. When I go to use the microphone key in Google search, sometimes it turns into a “switch keyboard” key that I don’t see before touching it. Then my keyboard turns into a real small one. I usually notice it in Facebook. But I have to get out of FB to fix it.

I first see it when I go to comment in FaceBook. This weird little keyboard comes up instead of my regular keyboard. I remember in the lower left at some site I saw some kind of little keyboard looking symbol I wondered what would happen if I pushed it. What happened was it switched to the small keyboard, after which there was no little symbol in the lower right any more to return to the old keyboard.  I FINALLY KNOW HOW TO GET BACK TO THE OLD KEYBOARD!    Continue reading