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The May 2018 Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

The May 2018 Horizons is now online at  . The  flipbook version is at  We are honored to have nationally known Maya White doing the monthly horoscopes. Maya White is a Master Destination Astrologer and one of only 90 people in the world certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy, a specialized branch of astrology which helps people find their perfect place on earth for love, prosperity, and personal growth.  Visit Maya’s website and for an introduction to Maya White, read here Contact her and ask what she might do for you.  Here are this month’s horoscopes:   Cusp dates are accurate for 2018. Sometimes the actual date the sun enters the sign varies by a day or so because of a leap year, or, even the time of day. I assure you these cusp dates are correct for 2018.   

MAY 2018 Horoscopes

Aries – (March 20 – April 18) There are so many changes this month, and your sign sits at a pivotal place in the planetary lineup. Many of the changes are external, but with Chiron now in your sign, it’s a critical time to step into your own power as a healer and even an agent for change. And, it’s time to share your wisdom. Your words are important and will even have a life altering impact on someone this month.    Continue reading

I honor your right to an opposing view

It doesn’t matter to me what religious or political viewpoint you hold. What matters to me is that we each respect the other’s right to our own viewpoint. What matters to me is that I don’t have to listen to repeated criticism. Several years ago I lost a longtime friendship not because we had opposing political views, but because he would not let up. Every time we spoke he had to bring up politics and rant on and on about the one he hated.

I don’t want to hear that, no matter who it is. I didn’t even vote for that person. We’d known each other 30 years, discussed a myriad of topics yet now all of a sudden, this became his one topic. I have other friends with opposing views and we are so busy having a good time talking about mutual interests that the topic of religion or politics never comes up.

Are you getting a sign that your dollars await you elsewhere?

Are you getting a sign that your dollars, your clients, your recognition awaits you elsewhere?

Are you getting a sign there is something you are more suited for? I often hear metaphysical practitioners talk about what an amazing healer and teacher they are, then asking “My income has greatly declined but my spirit guides tell me I’m supposed to do important work in this world and be recognized as a healer. Why can I not make money at this if it is what I’m supposed to do?” 

I have met some pretty amazing healers and teachers in my time and none of them advertised nor wanted recognition for it. The fact you are not thriving in your work could be Universe’s bat signal that there is something else you are more suited for.  Your dollars/ market/ clients/ await you elsewhere.

 My experience is if it’s what you are supposed to do, it will be easy, it will flow, things will line up, the money will be there, the opportunities will be there, the right people will show up at the right time. Resistance always has meaning. Rejection is protection. It simply means there is something you are more suited for and your market, your clients, your recognition awaits you elsewhere.

Opportunities come in response to your self talk


Opportunities are presented to you in response to your self talk. Ask for new doors to be shown to you, then ask (within/silently) in every situation and as you stand before every person, what good does this person or situation have for me? If your thoughts are wrapped up rehashing past problems, you’re not actively looking for your good.  When you look for your good, people will come into your life to help you achieve it. Situations will unfold that will delight you. Be on the lookout for WHAT GOOD DOES THIS DAY HOLD FOR ME?

I can look at my life in a way that makes me hopeful about the future

Tough times come to pass, they don’t come to stay. Even when tough times are passing thru, it doesn’t have to be a bumpy ride for long. It takes practice to be able to expect and believe that something better is on the way.

Here’s 2 ways I can look at my life:

1. I for whatever reason find myself in a pickle or 3, things not going my way, not enuff $$ and I can see no way out. I can see that as a hopeless situation with no resolution OR I CAN LOOK AT IT ANOTHER WAY. A WAY THAT HELPS ME ATTRACT A BETTER RESULT. The other way I can look at the same situation is this:  Continue reading

Expect and believe you can find your place in the new world

This is a very sacred and holy moment in time. CERTAINLY KNOW that even as the world as we know it may be changing, a new world will be emerging that we can find our place in. EXPECT AND BELIEVE that you will not miss opportunities when they come, and come they will. The tarot card The Lightning Struck Tower depicts a breakdown in the current situation and something preferred emerging from it. DON’T FEAR the new world which now seems in chaos. It will come to order in a way that you feel comfortable with, I promise you.

You can be a Vision Keeper for loved ones in the path of the storm

The Weather Channel just reported 50 million people are at risk today from the approaching storm.  During times like this, it’s important to remember that if you’re in the path of it, prepare as well as you can, then know that it can pass right over you and NOT leave you devastated.  Your home can be left standing when all around it may not. Remember that is a possibility and it’s tied to your belief and expectation.  It’s possible for every one of us to experience the storm fully, yet be unharmed and un-inconvenienced by it. Knowing that and believing that helps.


If we’re NOT in the path of the storm but have loved ones who are, we can help them right where we are, sitting in bed in our pajamas. When The Weather Channel  shows the storm front moving closer and closer, we can watch the storm image on the screen with the sound muted, take it into our meditation and do some Vision Keeper work.   Continue reading