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A friend asked how do I cope

A friend asked me, “with all that’s going on, how do you cope?” I cope with life by training myself to have an interest in things around me, and by always looking for the helpers, looking for the silver lining, looking for someone to give a kind word to, and by training my self talk to keep me motivated and uplifted. Not always easy to do but, like anything else, it works when I work it.

A friend asked if it hurts my business when I make controversial posts on Facebook. I have not found it to. I consider consequences before I speak my mind. The few political posts I make, I feel my FBF understand where I am coming from. I feel strongly that those in office should be qualified and act with integrity. When damage is being done, I don’t mind shedding light so my FBF can make more informed decisions and step in to help where possible. When I feel info is important enough to be passed on, I pass it on.

Kids get over traumas unless we keep reminding them

Barron is NOT having a hard time with what Griffin did. IF he’s having a hard time with anything it’s with what his dad KEEPS TELLING HIM about what she did. I worked in criminal law for 22 years. I was witness to many cases of kids being victims of all kinds of abuse. The conclusion I came to after seeing it first hand in depositions and testimony is that for the most part, kids get over things. Unless there is someone around reminding them every day what a horror they’ve been through, kids living in a healthy environment seldom hold on to traumas of the past, they’re moving on to new info every day. A loving Now goes a long way in eclipsing an abusive past. But he’ll certainly be traumatized if he has to hear angry people every night for the rest of his life.

It’s helpful to remember

Many Facebook friends are disgruntled over the treason du jour but at times like this it’s helpful to remember (1) No matter what he’s putting into place, there are powers at work to remove him from office, after which his many decisions will be re-evaluated. And (2) We experience much suffering when we think we only get one life and one body and this is it and it seems hopeless. That’s simply an inaccurate scenario someone made you believe because someone made them believe it. When we leave elementary school, we look forward to middle school. When we leave middle school, we look forward to high school, then we look forward to college or getting a job.  God would not stop an acorn from growing into an oak, nor a tadpole from becoming a frog. He would not prevent hot water from becoming steam, nor cold water from freezing. These are just natural changes from one stage of “life” to the next. So don’t worry about what he’s doing, spend your time enjoying this life while knowing that when your time comes, you’ll move on to the next life — in the twinkling of an eye. You’ll go to sleep here and wake up there. Like magic.

Let’s do some ho’oponopono for the current administration, here’s the technique –> Let’s do some Ho’oponopono for Donald Trump and the current administration

Expanding someone’s perception of their world

A friend thanked me today for introducing her to metaphysical thought, to the idea of continuation of life in consciousness after the death of the physical body, to the idea of different levels of existence, intermingled and parallel worlds and the reasons for that, and that we are all connected to each other. To the idea of the body’s energy system and the power we have for self-healing. To the idea that we create the world around us by virtue of the thoughts we choose to think repeatedly. She said she was beginning to lose hope because she felt her life was meaningless. As usual, all that needed to change was her perception.