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The June 2017 Horizons is now online, here are the Horoscopes

The June 2017 Horizons is now online at  We are honored to have nationally known Maya White doing the monthly horoscopes. Maya White is a Master Destination Astrologer and one of only 90 people in the world certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy, a specialized branch of astrology which helps people find their perfect place on earth for love, prosperity, and personal growth.

Maya White
Maya White

Visit Maya’s website and for an introduction to Maya White, read here  Contact her and ask what she might do for you.  Here are this month’s horoscopes:

Aries – (March 20 – April 18) It’s time to take a realistic look at your finances. If you like what you see – awesome! It means that you’ve been utilizing the best of Saturn in a mutual fire sign. If, on the other hand, a look at your bank account makes you break out into a rash; then NOW it’s time to get with the program. The good news is that there is a bonus awaiting your siren call; your energetic spirit will make it happen.    Continue reading

Words have consequences

Watch your words — some people troll pages waiting to pick a fight. A friend of mine got herself in a pickle. She made some tipsy, rude comments on FB one midnight last week and a handful of FBF took it the wrong way. They began a witchhunt, getting her banned from several location entertainment venues and contacting her employer asking that she be fired. She said a stupid thing and she apologized hours later but now she’s receiving threats of bodily harm as Facebook friends continue to share the offending post with directives to “find this person and teach her a lesson, give her something to cry about, put her out of her misery,” etc. WORDS MATTER. Choose them carefully and know there are always consequences.

Transferred my phone from Verizon to Straight Talk

My Verizon contract was up last week, so I transferred my phone from Verizon ($81/month) to Straight Talk ($47/month.) I made sure to call from the land line and do the process with a real person so I did not lose my number.  Of course they  dropped my number! Mark, the original guy I spoke to, after I stressed I specifically needed to take my phone number with me, failed to ask me any of the Verizon account info in order to port the number over. I’d gotten a little flustered while on the line with him because calls and texts kept coming in and it as very hard to hear him. It was only AFTER we got off the phone I realized he didn’t ask me any of that info. I called back and Brian did the necessary to fix it.  I attracted it because I was nervous about losing the number. I thought it might happen, I knew there was a chance and I was resigned to it if it happened. I also know that things usually work out for me and when there’s a goof, I can usually find someone right away to fix it. And I did.

Asking is powerful

Did you ever notice that when there’s been no new person or project exciting in your life for awhile and then there is, suddenly there’s 2 and 3 and 4 of them? That’s because the more you focus on the good feeling you got from the one, the stronger your signal.  “Bring me new inspiration.” Asking is powerful. When we ask, we will be guided to new inspiration or a new goal, new job, new friend or new muse. BUT WE HAVE TO ASK FOR IT. When you’re ready, sincerely ask internally: Whoever or Whatever is up there or out there, please bring me something to be intensely interested in and inspired about, something to bring new spark into my life. Thank you.” It never fails. Never. And yes, God and the Universe  know what your needs are, they know you need a new job, a new whatever but THE REASON YOU ASK is so they know what you are consciously prepared to work on beginning now.

A friendly reminder that since it’s getting hot out, people of all sizes and genders are entitled to wear whatever they want to keep themselves cool and comfortable and under no circumstances is it cool to shame or sexualize them for it.

I’m glad I reached a point in my life where I can be happy just hanging at home, making soup and playing in my little patch of woods. I like it when I get to love the life I’m living.

I’m blessed to have my life, that’s for sure. Meaning: I’m blessed to know that how I think affects what comes to me, and that I can chose to exercise my free will to discipline myself to stay focused on things I like so that more things I like may come to me.

He who knows that this body is like froth, and has learned that it is as unsubstantiated as a mirage, will break the flower pointed arrow of illusion and never see the king of death.
— The Dhammapada

Death: We Simply Misunderstand

When we feel a loved one is gone from our life for good since they have passed out of physical form, we misunderstand. It’s just a misunderstanding when we mistake the death of the body for the death of our loved one. The caterpillar doesn’t die when it becomes a butterfly, it just moves its consciousness into a new body, leaving the old one behind. We survive in consciousness after the change called death. You meet again when you drop your own body. You can also in quiet times feel their presence and imagine you are hearing them talking to you. You’re not imagining it. Sometimes you see signs everywhere. They’re just letting you know that life goes on, it just changes form. You will meet again, know that.