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Danielle Egnew on the 2016 presidential election and its role in the evolution of consciousness

This is a partial transcript of video at 2016 Psychic Presidential Prediction – You may be shocked!  of Psychic and Medium Danielle Egnew on the 2016 presidential election and its role in the evolution of consciousness — WHY certain candidates are in play, WHAT they each represent, WHO advances into the Presidency, and the MUCH bigger picture of what’s going on, from an energetic, social and spiritual perspective. This is not just about candidates — it’s about consciousness.  Here are some highlights. There is more I’ve not included:

Hillary is ushering in the feminine. Bernie is here to start an ascension in consciousness that, if trapped in the White House, is going to have its wings clipped right off and go nowhere. Bernie, even though he may not technically be on track for the presidency according to the controlled numbers — back up your perspective. It’s not about that. He’s doing more good where he’s at, doing what he’s doing for the consciousness of the whole than being stuck in that thankless job where you can’t get a thing done anyway because you’re working against a bunch of lobbyists and congresspeople.    Continue reading

A tip: if your partner breaks up with you on Friday night, don’t spend the weekend calling around to random psychics offering them your credit card number in the hopes that it is going to bring you peace of mind or the answers that you want. Some things resolve themselves with just a couple nights’ sleep. It is better to have a couple days’ thought time to sort things out in your mind rather than talk to whoever it is you might attract when you are in that crazy emotionally upset place. Trust me. To my friends who are trying to release resistance this weekend and get out of an icky feeling place, remember when you are in conversation with friends, stay OFF that topic altogether. Do not repeat over and over all the gruesome details that really tick you off and make you upset. Repeating the story over and over again and even remembering the story over and over again will keep you in a stuck place. Get on another topic, something fun and pleasurable, and stay there for as long as you can, I am not kidding. Even if you can only do it for five minutes at a time right now. Step away from it long enough that healing grace can wash over you and help you move to a better feeling place.

Help your kidneys by lying flat 4-8 hours every 24

You know why you have to get up to pee soon after you lie down? During the day, water collects in your legs and feet as you stand and sit. As soon as you lie flat (recliner won’t do it) then the excess fluid drains into your kidneys. I can lose 3 lbs overnight. If you don’t lie flat for 4-8 hours every 24 (recliner won’t do it), you’re not giving your kidneys enough time to do their work. I have an agreement with my liver and kidneys. I don’t do anything to tick them off and vice versa. So far, so good.

I call my good life to me by virtue of where I place my attention and my focus

The people we see around us right now, and the job we have right now, and everything going on in our lives right now are indicators to us as to what we are in vibrational resonance with. You would not be able to see mean grumpy people in front of you unless you were somehow aligning yourself — via focus and attention — to meanness and grumpiness. I saw it for a couple of weeks this month when I was giving attention to a FaceBook local neighbors group. I’d watch everyone get all wound up over differences of opinion by name-calling and bullying and threats. I was only paying attention to it for a couple of weeks but as soon as I stopped reading at the group, I no longer got caught in the crosshairs of anyone else’s conflict. It was back to smooth sailing. It is true, we can make our own heaven in the midst of everyone else’s hell. Oh, that goes for whoever gets in the White House also. Matters not, I call my good life to me by virtue of where I place my attention and my focus.

how to be happyHappiness can become a personal reality the moment you take your mind off things that you can do nothing about and start noticing the Beauty and the light of life right in front of you.

We watched a Divine Dance unfold in mid day traffic

Angels are watching!!  We had a fun drive over to Orlando today to drop magazines off for the near death conference this weekend. A guy in a newer car in front of us lost his left rear tire on 192, it went careening onto the median strip across 3 Lanes of traffic, synchronistically going in between cars  at JUST the perfect time. The driver got off the road safely, narrowly missing a bicyclist who stopped JUST at the last minute. It was a divine dance and we watched it unfold in almost slow motion. This was at 12:30pm lunchtime traffic in Kissimmee, that entire scene was blessed for sure.

Learn to shake it off

dog shaking off water

Ya Gotta Learn To Shake It Off. No Matter Who is Elected, No Matter What The Universe Throws My Way, I’ll Make The Best Of It and Be So Strongly The Attractor of My Own Experience That Nothing Less Than Good Times Will Come My Way

Learn to discuss without name calling and bullying

snail trailOne thing I noticed this election season has done which was never so apparent before Facebook because now we can see it in black and white: very many people are eager to have a discussion on controversial issues but cannot seem to do it without name-calling, bullying and harassing those who hold opposing viewpoints. It is like that is the go-to first comment, they do not even ease into it. It’s good to know what’s hidden just below the surface. What is inside us will eat us up if we do not let it out, but we can do it gently as a snail who leaves a little trail or we can just do it like bursting a zit in everyone’s face. I like seeing how people are under pressure.