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The November 2015 Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

November 2015 cover

November 2015 cover

The November Horizons is now online at  Here are the November 2015 Horoscopes by Barbara Lee:

Aries: May 20 to April 19 “I Am”
You may be taking a walk down memory lane in the sense that what you hold dearest and closest to you has changed, but has changed for the better. Your creative efforts in the future will secure you your greatest hopes  and wishes coming true. The key here is to follow your heart.

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Have kids? That’s your job the next 18 years

policeman textWe don’t create a generation of disresepectful, smart ass kids without a lot of neglect going into it. Siblings raise siblings out of necessity. Many home schooled are under educated. Whether we blame a tangled hands-tied system, fathers who don’t support financially or moms who can’t be bothered, the remedy is the same. If you have kids, that’s your job the next 18 years. Love them, spend time with them, include them in every part of your life. Commit to them being the first priority. Put finding a man to support you on the back burner. Commit to JUST raising your kids and the Universe will line up synchronicities that bring you help, whether it’s a partner or a job or an idea for a home business that all of you can be happily involved in. Don’t worry about HOW it will happen, make raising your kids the priority and watch the Universe come to your aid, in spades.

Florida weather = tropical means hot, muggy and buggy

I just returned from a great walk around the hood. It feels good to be out walking again first thing in the morning when it’s cool out. If you’re not from Florida, you think “nice balmy weather.” What we have 6 months of each year is humidity so hot and thick it’s like walking through steam and misquitoes that grab you the moment you’re out the door. So you can either live May to October wrapped in long sleeves and pants to avoid sunburn and misquitoes, or slather sunscreen and repellent on every exposed body part. Oooo if I could have my house and land in Carmel or Monterey, California, I would be there.

Tiger, tiger: How close does 15 rows seem now?

tiger in the woodsOn Facebook, I posted a link –> to an article and wrote “WWYD? She blows up because her husband’s former mistress is sitting 15 rows away at a football game? Isn’t that a public place and isn’t 15 rows a lot of distance? Folks need to stop looking for trouble, this is a small planet.” The next day I got a FB message from a friend saying their brand new neighbor is my ex. “How close does 15 rows seem now?” I had to smile since that’s about 15 blocks from me. I don’t care but what made me laugh was he’s on Tiger Street. On October 17, I wrote A tiger stalks me in the woods. The Universe is constantly keeping me in stitches.    Continue reading

Meditations (the Ram Practices) from Paulo Coelho’s The Pilgrimage

Paulo Coelho, pronounced Co-El-You

Paulo Coelho, pronounced Co-El-You

I’m reading Paulo Coelho’s The Pilgrimage about his experience on the Camino de Santiago. It includes some excellent meditations. I have been doing the seed meditation the last two days and last night I dreamed I woke up and went for a walk. It was unlike any walk I’ve ever taken before, in a dream or otherwise.  There’s is a good interview with Paulo Coelho –> here.  In Coelho’s cosmology, the most mundane of events is always miraculous. When I’m in his vibe, it’s the same for me. Below I’ve included Coehlo’s meditations from The Pilgrimage.    Continue reading

There is no standard appropriate reaction to grief

It makes me shake my head when I hear law enforcement or investigators or anyone saying that someone didn’t have an appropriate reaction to grief. There is no standard appropriate reaction. Absence of tears or sadness does not mean absence of grief. People who make statements like this plant erroneous ideas in the minds of other people of how someone should act under stress. I’ve seen it countless hundreds of times. People are quiet, people laugh and joke, people are nervous, there is no one reaction. Anyone who says someone did not have an appropriate emotional reaction to grief simply has a pre-conceived notion of what the response should be.

Tweety Bird transitioned from female to male and no one got irked

 Is Tweety a boy or a girl? Does it matter?

Is Tweety-Bird a boy or a girl? Does it matter?

Why all the fuss about Caitlyn Jenner when we grew up with transgender cartoon characters???? Lisa Shaw writes on Facebook, “Yesterday,during a lesson on commonly confused words, I talked about “taught” and “thought,” which some of my Caribbean students confuse in writing, and my right brain kicked in when I said, “I THOUGHT I saw puddycat.” I said to the class, “Tweety’s a girl, right?” so I researched it in class and lo and behold! We discovered that originally, Tweety was female, but when Warner brothers bought the rights to the cartoon, he was changed to a male. Well!, then, I said, what’s the whole controversy over transgender issues and Caitlin Jenner? We all grew up with a transgender bird whom we loved. And look at Porky Pig. He is a he without genitals. We know this because he never wears pants, yet no one has been upset over this for 75 years. Bugs was defnitely male, but how often did he dress in drag to be funny? Hmmmm, the students thought. That’s right.”