Monthly Archives: June 2015

Road trip to Orlando!

A fun road trip day to Orlando. We did some business then stopped at the Sam Ash Music store and looked at a whole bunch of equipment no one needed since they have a studio full of it. Afterward, we had an awesome lunch at Little Saigon Vietnamese restaurant I had a crab and tofu Pho and the man had chicken, broccoli and scallions. This is where Dennis Hollin and I were having lunch a few years ago when I dropped my cell phone into my pho soup, and everything was saved on the phone, not the sim card. Which means nothing was saved. This happened two days before The Universal Lightworkers Conference in West Palm Beach and I lost everyone’s messages about when and where to connect. Gone. LOL It was a fun weekend, like a treasure hunt!

I catch my mind judging my Facebook Feed

As I scroll through the Facebook newsfeed, I notice my mind is judging the fattening and unhealthy food pics that overweight friends are posting after having told me they want to lose weight and inflammation. So called low carb desserts made with flour and sugar and cheesy fried stuff. This is none of my business. Why should I care? Don’t I have enough going on in my own life? LOL The mind is a crazy thing, it will obsess over all sorts of stuff until I make the choice to choose a different pattern of thought.

Why is my Verizon data usage high?

I received a text message from Verizon yesterday telling me I’d used 50% of my data limit and that my billing cycle ends July 17. Today I get a text telling me I’ve used 75%  WTF?? I went into my app settings and made sure everything was set to download only when I’m on wi-fi, and it was.  ALSO:  Tap the symbol to the left of the home button, it says, “active apps” and there is an option to “close all” or just an “X” on some other phones.  I also did this  –>  When data usage is through the roof, the problem is that apps are using data downloads instead of Wi-Fi.
Go to Settings
Click on Data usage
Scroll down to where there is a list of applications. They are listed with the highest data user first. Facebook was on top for me.
Click on an application that is using a lot of data.
Scroll to Restrict background data and click on it. This instructs phone to download only via Wi-Fi.
Just above this it says “view app settings”. Click on this and click on Auto-update apps. Select Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.
Remember to turn Wi-Fi on.

I was reminded by a friend that I took many pics and videos Sunday and uploaded them while I was not on wi-fi. I most importantly learned I’d somehow turned my wi-fi off.  The good news is: with Verizon, if I go over data, it’s just $10 per gig.

Buying the Frosty at Wendy’s

At Wendy’s after a beach visit to buy a Frosty. The man didn’t have change and didn’t want to break a bill. My change was in the car. So he’s holding two $1.00 bills while asking the kid behind the counter the price (including tax) for the small and for the medium Frosty. The kid seems concerned for us buying only one and says “they’ve got cameras in here, otherwise I’d just give it to you.” Then he sees the man pull a $10 and a $5 bill out of his pocket and says, “look, you’ve got money!” and we laughed since when we said we didn’t have change, we meant we didn’t have coins and didn’t want to break bigger bills, not that we didn’t have money — and we only wanted one Frosty because I didn’t want one! How sweet of him to be concerned for us though — to him, we were two senior citizens angsting over a $2.11 purchase. How kind and compassionate that was!

If you’re going to refuse medication, have an alternative plan in place

A friend had a stroke and adamantly decided he’ll not take any meds as he doesn’t trust doctors. I said a prayer and wrote him, “If you’re going to do it your way, be smart — I know you are. (1) make a list of all the meds the doctors want you to take. (2) research and make a list of a natural alternative for each, whether supplementary, herbal or dietary. (3) Make a protocol list for each day: know how much of what you need to take or eat and when you need to do it. That means have a daily hourly schedule and follow it. (4) Some supplements need to be taken with water, some with fat, some with food, some without. Know which is which.”

I can tell when my brain needs a rest

I can tell my brain needs a rest when I fail to recognize people I’ve known for years! My memory comes and goes, a tad worse if it’s a crowded scene in an unfamiliar location. Today I told someone I’d remember her name because she looks like someone I know named Debbie. I realized on the drive home that she was both of them. She must have thought I was nuts acting like I’d just met her. If I do it to you, you can laugh and call me on it! But no worries, a good night’s sleep and I’ll be sharp as a tack again.

The Supreme Court just gave the OK for marriage equality – yay!

I’m all for equality however I’ve discovered that marriage is not for me. I was free to marry whom I choose and did it five times. Ok, three of them died and it wasn’t the mushrooms but I would not get married again. It simply ties your finances to the government. If the issue — and it mostly is — automatic financial benefits to the partner upon the death of the other, I don’t care about that. I agree everyone should have equal opportunity to find out for themselves that marriage is not all it’s cracked up to be. NOTE:  If there are children involved, that can be another matter. Parent is at work and the child has to go to the hospital. Partner is in a coma and some treatment choices need to be made. Marriage confers automatic rights.

I visit John Ruch who does the Crystal/Tibetan Bowl Meditations

. . . .  John Ruch  . . . .

When I delivered the July magazine to Sacred Gardens, I got to visit with John Ruch and had a great chat about crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, crystals, sailboats and our awesome community of healers. Someone mentioned business is always slow in the summer — we quickly agreed that doesn’t have to be so unless we believe and expect it to be. John is a soul brother for sure! Here’s his next event.