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I’ve finally had a chance to read my Kindle Paperwhite

I’ve finally had a chance to read my Kindle Paperwhite. I like it, it’s easy on the eyes. It’s been a long while since I’ve read novels. I used to get lost in them when I was growing up, then reading became work. I do not care for Kindle telling me how much reading time is left in a chapter. II guess I’m a read-for-research person and not so much a read a novel for fun/relaxation person. There are always projects I’m waiting for time to do that involve having my body in motion. I do like to read about autobiographical spiritual journeys though. Later I thought, I see I’m too quick to judge. I should have been choosier in picking a novel to read. I should look for something I am interested in, so I just got a novel about a chick named Andi who is hiking the Appalachian Trail with her best bud.

I hit the gym at 6:30am and worked arms, shoulders, legs and core. By the time I was done, the treadmills were taken so I headed outside and walked up and down the parking lot for a half hour. About 72 degrees, low humidity, sun barely up. I’ve never been able to find my pace on the treadmill so I don’t like walking it. The parking lot at that time of day is perfect.

The more you practice that vibration, the more unpleasant stuff you attract

“Once you understand the correlation between how you are feeling and the thoughts that you are thinking, which are the reason you feel the way you do, then you can change the way you feel by changing the thoughts you are thinking. And then events change, too. It is just a matter of practicing your thoughts on purpose. Think and feel.” Abraham Hicks.
Most people do not realize that watching the news, the violence, the horrors of the world causes you to practice the vibration of it. And once you have practiced the vibration of it you are going to attract more and more unsettling stuff in all different areas of your life.



8 Reasons Why Spending Time Alone Is Actually Really Good For You

An insightful article here.  “You’ll have just as much fun. Being alone will make you more creative… And probably make you work harder. If you’re an introvert, alone time is key to your happiness. Taking on activities on your own can help you meet new people. Spending time alone can help with depression, especially in teens. It helps clear your mind. You get to do what you actually want to do.”  The full article here –>

The one who boasts is working through clearing their 2nd and 3rd chakras — send them love for those are the challenging ones

heart in hands2A friend recounted he had a conversation with a self proclaimed pet healer who, when my friend’s store was mentioned, was told the healer had heard of them and then proceeded to tell him how much better she was than they, how she was more enlightened and worked at a higher level than they do. Never having stepped foot in their store nor even met them, she made this judgment. She went on and on about she was better than everyone in town, even in the state. “I feel for her,” my friend wrote, “she ended up being the brunt of some not so nice comments after she left the store. Yes some will say she deserved those remarks but view her through the lens of compassion and it is easy to see she may be lost in a sea of unworthiness. My heart goes out to her. Imagine how she must feel inside in order to communicate that. She is coming from a space of fear, she must feel like she needs to bolster herself. In any case whoever you are I am sending you much love.”  I agree and I recognize that as a stage in their awakening. With 40+ years experience in the metaphysical genre and councilling with thousands of people, they tell me their personal stories and I’ve seen the patterns firsthand. When someone tells me how powerful they are, that lets me know they are working through clearing their 2nd and 3rd chakras and I bless them on their path because those can be the challenging ones.  When you’re powerful, when you’ve got something to offer, those you’ve helped will get the word out without you constantly offering testimonials about your own mojo.

Awakening Kundalini and Balancing Your Chakras
101 Introduction To The Chakras
Classic Kundalini Imbalance


I got a killer deal on an exercise bike at a garage sale!

Vitamaster Air Advantage exercise bike

The Vitamaster Air Advantage exercise bike

I bought an awesome exercise bike at a friend’s garage sale today, a Vitamaster Air Advantage, it has a fan in the front wheel. It was marked $30 and she offered it to me for $5 and I gave her $20. Score!  The best thing about it is that it belonged to my dear friend Brian “Salty” Gabor, so it’s a sacred remembrance as well.

Facebook friends can be a Round Table of support

I had a session last night with someone I could relate to. She is a bit of a solitary person altho married with adult children. She reads a lot and journals for her spiritual path work, and relaxes on Facebook. She is criticized by family and friends for giving so much time to superficial “relationships” on Facebook while not spending in person time with “real” people. Yet she spends her time doing what she finds most enjoyable. Her “superficial” friends don’t continually give unsolicited advice telling her what she should be doing instead of what makes her happy. Her “superficial” friends are just in the moment with her and maybe gone the next moment onto the next happy thing. If it makes her happy to be happy, I support her being happy. It can be aggravating when it’s a loved one who knows your physical schedule limitations and they still give you heck for not making time. Arguing about it whenever it comes up is not away to get someone to make time for you. Honor their wishes to do what needs to be done and stay on happy topics when you do spend time together. That’s what ensures more time together. Friend and artist Jane Delaford Taylor said, “Facebook relationships vary, but at their best, if you have a nice group vibe with your friends it can feel like a real Round Table of support, and that’s really valuable and not something to dismiss lightly.