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I’ve been watching workout videos at midnight

When I find myself mindlessly midnight surfing the internet or on Facebook, I’m glad to remember I can choose instead to psych myself up to get a workout in, since I’m always whining about my schedule. After a few minutes, I’m up doing it. Energy flows where attention goes…

I don’t have to travel far for a vacation

Tuesday was a fun in-the-vortex day with longtime galpal Neesey. We did a road trip to Cassadaga and, even though it was work — we were delivering the May magazine — it felt like fun because we didn’t talk about work at all.  It’s rare for me to get to spend hours with a pal just catching up.  That makes it like a vacation in my mind.  I need to plan more of those.

A weekend of chilling and chanting

It was a great weekend of sleeping in each morning, rare for me!  Saturday we hung out with Ray and Vicki (Rayananda) and got to see the new trails at their barrier island home and a really cool raised veggie garden on the pool deck. We chanted (The Benefits of Chanting here) and there’s nothing like chanting with fellow devotees.  My spiritual lineage is that of twice daily meditation and chanting. I am living proof of the difference it’s made in my life: I am one of the most centered and chill people I know.  Sunday we took a noontime stroll thru the art show, then giant salads at Applebee’s, then home to watch The Legend of Bagger Vance. Didja know it’s based on the story of Arjuna and Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita? Were all golfers, aren’t we, waiting for some magical caddy to handy us the right club. Yeah, that’d be nice, huh?

I love the “Catch a Contractor” show

They don’t just bust contractors for doing a bad job and ripping off homeowners. They offer to pitch in and help the guy get the job done right, under their supervision. Everyone deserves a chance to make it right, without having to do so under threat of prosecution. And when the contractor is honest, he gets free promotion!  Co-host Alison Bedell said on my Facebook post, “Exactly Andrea!!  I’m so glad you’re enjoying the show! It really is important to us that we give the homeowners justice since the legal system does nothing. It’s also really cool to make these hacks accountable for what they do, & also give them the opportunity to redeem themselves! It feels like a public service, LOL, but in the end it works out for everyone! They may learn a thing or two which is also invaluable. We are so excited that the show got picked up for a second season… And now it’ll be hour-long episodes so everyone can get more of everything.”

Deep transparency requires deep compassion and courage

Honesty and transparency, it’s not for everyone but, oh, the freedom when you can finally do it!  A friend wrote on Facebook, “This past month, for me, has been one of letting go and admitting that I have not been truthful with myself and, in turn, how my lack of self-truthfulness has affected both my intimate relationships with the men in my life as well as with my sister goddesses. Yes, I am a mess (sometimes) and Yes, I have allowed my fear of being unworthy and imperfect keep me from being real, authentic and honest. There are many steps ahead on my journey of self-healing… my first step is to love and accept who I truly am with no “BS cover-up story.”  I once wrote an ex for clarification: “The question is NOT why did you not tell me what your past history was so I could determine if that was something I wanted to bring into my experience. I know that every day is a new beginning. The question is simply why after talking every single day for over a year about being conscious and honest in relationship would you not tell your partner when feelings were changing? What went before is no matter. But after all the conversation about being honest and open and morphing consciously, why did that not happen?  It is never about cheating, because people are going to love who they love and when love goes, it goes. It is about being honest with your feelings so that when intentions change, everyone has the opportunity to make informed choices.” It’s a process.  We get honest when we’re able to. No one else can say when someone else is ready, or should be ready.

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Training Benny the Cat to live here and not there

Me: We agreed we’d only feed Benny the Cat at my house. You fed him!
“I’m sorry. He looked hungry”
Me: You are allowed to do what you want.
“It’s okay, it’s best if I don’t see you.”
Me: Ok, but that’s kinda drastic.
“Voice to text fail! It’s best if I don’t feed him.”
Me: I do like that better, thanks.

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