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Reading between the lines

I love it when friends text me late at night, letting me know what they think of (what the media tells them about) our current administration. Between the wacky auto corrects and their own inebriation, it’s quite funny. I know they are really saying, “Hi, I love you, Thanks for being there when I feel out of sorts.” So the words don’t really matter after all.

Helping a friend in their spiritual unfolding

A friend just wrote, “I’ve failed miserably at this game called life. 39 years and I’m no better off then when I was a child. I’ve done nothing and I’ve become nothing.”  Having heard those words before, I shared this with him, and it is universally relevant.  Years ago, a friend during troubled times came to me for meditation.  We began metaphysical discussion and reading Rumi, Hafez nightly and his mind blew open.  I shared with him breathing exercises, and spoke of meditation, creative visualizationkundalini awakening, tarot, astrology, totem symbolism, numerology and the chakra system.  I could tell the lights were going off as he soaked in more each day.  Finally – something that made sense, something he could use to reframe his life to understand why he’d gone through all he’d experienced and how it all led up to that moment.  We had intense discussions about energy work, transparency, the fact that it’s all related and karmic implications.  You clear up the past and leave nothing unresolved. I witnessed the evolution of thought via his daily writings as he told me how he used the teachings to unravel his past for review.   I could see his beliefs evolving and morphing.  I watched the light bulbs as they went off. At the time, he was a born again Christian so I used language familiar to him. I share some of it below. Continue reading

I can have lots more fun when I’m responsible with my $$

I used to not pay my bills on time because I didn’t have the money.  Then I didn’t pay them on time because they got lost in the shuffle of my other priorities.  Then one day I woke up and realized I’m the one in charge of how much money I make and what I set as priorities. Now I do what it takes to make what I need to pay the bills I have and have the fun I want.

Fake it til you make it? Faking happiness is a valid roadway in

A friend wrote: “I used to be a carefree happy person. Now, I really don’t know how to be happy without faking it.” FAKING IT IS A VALID ROADWAY INTO IT. You don’t fake it to lie to yourself or anyone. You fake it because you know the sorrow and the horror comes to pass, it does not come to stay. Unless we keep ourselves focused on it. Yes, it’s hard not to focus on an emotional pain you feel so intensely, but you can choose to hold your concentration on other thoughts. It’s a minute by minute, hour by hour practice but it can be done. I promise .

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An opportunity is never missed, it always comes back around

Again and again and again.

Again and again and again.

I did a reading for a friend who was concerned she’d missed an opportunity to lease the home she wanted. When she called back 2 days after seeing it, it had been rented.  I told her there was a reason for that and that an opportunity is never missed; it always comes back around. I predicted another home in the same community was not on the market yet but within 5-6 days would be and it would be more suited her needs. She called the listing agent and learned there was. Opportunity is never missed.  It always comes back around.

Most people talk about what other people talk about rather than what they experience

apple fallen copyI just got an email from yet another person who purports to “channel the same Abraham that Esther Hicks does.” One glance at their work tells me that’s not remotely true. We know what people know when we hear what THEY have to say — not when they are parroting someone else’s words. I find most people talk about what other people talk about rather than what they know from experience. By their fruits we shall know them. My intuition and common sense all help me discern the quality of the fruits I come across. I don’t eat just any apple that falls in my path. More importantly, I say to them: Your own life experience and the lessons you learn are vastly more fascinating than anyone you might want to emulate or any story you can come up with.

I signed up for ObamaCare and must have fallen in the sweet spot I have no complaints whatsoever. I signed up last week. I must fall into all the right categories with age and income because mine is only $25 a month, with providers two miles away, low deductibles and affordable out of pocket maximums.  I was happy to get a plan for $25 a month.  I’m 61, no health issues, take no medication, eat a healthy diet and exercise daily. The plan has doctors 2 miles away, low deductible, low total out of pocket. The website was easy to navigate. I got dental for $10 a month, the providers are one mile away. I’m stoked. My boyfriend got the same, we’re the same age, both self employed, numbers about the same, we must fall into the magic place.  A friend complains loud and long about it being “unaffordable” yet if they had their income ON the books, they would qualify for a giant credit and it would cost them about $30 a month. I have no complaints whatsoever.I realize I’m in control of what I attract, according to my belief and expectation. I’m not being flippant when I say I expect it all to work out in the end and if it doesn’t, it’s not the end and I have more time to turn it all around.

Don’t complain about the government if you don’t vote and you hide income

A friend complains loud and long about the “unfair” government and “unaffordable” ACA health insurance, yet if they had their income ON the books, they would qualify for a giant credit and it would cost them about $30 a month. Don’t complain about the government if you don’t vote and you work off the books to hide income.  There are legal ways to pay less taxes — don’t go to extremes by assuming that you have to cheat and lie about income. If you really want to get out of debt and make money, you need to be as honest as possible.

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