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Secret to success: Identify and develop as many skills as you are excited about and nurture an intense desire to connect with those who are attracted to what you have to offer

Taking a leap

I contracted a cool new project today with a favorite editor. It was attracted in no small part by recent discussions on the topic with a friend. I love how that works: that I attract what I focus on, even during play time and casual conversation. I wrote earlier that a friend asked about writing and editing, pricing and how to get jobs. Like so much of my life, it wasn’t planned, it was just some fun something that morphed into an income stream without my having ever set it as a goal. Which is pretty funny when I think about it, since I always have ongoing lists of goals to be accomplished.  Half of them get done, the others lose priority as something even better than I could have planned emerges fully formed into my life, like Athena, the goddess of wisdom and strategy, emerging fully formed from the head of Zeus.  If I was to follow my own advice, I’d identify and develop as many skills as I was excited about and I’d nurture an intense desire to connect with those who were attracted to what I had to offer.  And then I’d begin to dance with whatever the Universe threw at me.  I’d remember that my job is to stay happy and continually draw pleasure from whatever experience I encounter. And it’s always good to remember how to attract dollars no matter what the state of the economy.   Continue reading

Jack Of All Trades?

one_stop_shop_212_x_213A galpal is ready to create a website but confused over what to put on it. She has several unrelated skills: she pet sits, she does massage, she sells on eBay, she has a bookkeeping business. She thinks offering all her services on one website makes her seem unfocused.  I say: If she thinks it’s unfocused, her potential clients will also. If she thinks it would be great to get a massage from the same person that pet sits and does the books, so will the right clients. She’s really only looking for the clients who think having all that she offers would be awesome and well worth the price.  I say: let people know everything you want to make yourself available to them for. Don’t deny them any part of you.

Yes, astrology could have predicted the grumpy day so you could have avoided it

A friend and I have been playing with astrology together. I like taking everyday events and showing astrological corelations. I got grumpy with a business partner and my friend asked if that would have shown up in my chart.  If I had an Astrology Future Prediction Transit Report done for that day, would I have seen it ahead of time, could I have predicted it? The beauty of being able to predict its probability is this:  Had I seen the challenging aspects ahead of time, I would have realized I was in a sensitive state of mind and subject to reaction.  I could have been more mindful, more tactful. Here are my transits for the grumpy day. Continue reading

The giant bird of paradise and undergoing transformation

I have a giant bird of paradise right outside the bedroom. It’s become huge the last 20 years. It was planted to give me privacy but now it’s just blocking the view.  It would be a big job to dig it out of the ground.  This morning I took my pruning shears and cut away as much of the growth above ground as I could, and I’ll need a saw for the rest.  The root ball is likely 24″ deep and maybe 60″ around. I may try to break up the crown to transplant into different areas, but at this point I want to do what’s easiest.  I immediately opened up the view from the bedroom and main suite patio into the east garden.  Before, all we could see was the bird of paradise plant. Now we can watch the squirrels frisk around in the east garden as we sit on the patio outside drinking morning tea.

We realize how much we have when we begin giving it away

loavesfishescomic1I love how fast I can do math in my head when I need to.  I love how the Universe responds to my need the moment I have one. I ran out of the house without my debit card this morning and was in the Walmart parking lot when I realized it. I seldom carry cash, so I grabbed the parking meter quarters and kept my purchases to a minimum.  I ended up in line behind a young mom, one toddler in the cart and one on her hip.  She was buying boxes of baby supplies and a handful of food items.  Halfway thru she asked the cashier for the running total. I saw the cash in her hand as she counted it. She barely had enough for the diapers and supplies.  She needed less than $20 for the food items.  I immediately recalled I had a $20 bill stuffed in my makeup bag. Since I didn’t remember it for me, I knew it was for her.  It’s true, I don’t realize how much I have until I begin giving it away.  Then it seems endless.

I get blessed by an angel at WalMart

I set my quick texts for the No Texting While Driving Law

No-Texting-While-DrivingThe next no texting while driving law goes into effect tomorrow.  These are the quick texts I’ve set on my cell phone to answer quickly whatever comes in. In an android phone, go to “Compose a new message” and the drop down menu will show your “Quick Texts” and you can “Edit” them to say what you’d like. Mine say:
1. Whatcha doing?
2. Can’t pick up, text me please.
3. Driving, will text you in a few minutes
4. I’m heading back, will text ya when I arrive.
5. Going to Publix, need anything?
6. Going to WalMart, need anything?
7. Driving now, info is on the website
8. I adore you
9. You are gonna get it when I get home

Transplanting loquats

I woke up early Saturday morning with a goal: swap out a loquat tree I’d given a friend with another one. It was the perfect time in the lunar cycle, it rains every day and both trees have a good, tight root ball.  I tossed shovels in the car, tarp, trees, it took me 10 minutes exactly.

One who understands relationship, nature and man

“He came out into the entrance court and contemplated his bonsai. Early sun gold-frosted the horizontal upper foliage of the old tree and brought its gnarled limbs into sharp relief, tough brown-gray and crevices of velvet. Only the companion of a bonsai (there are owners of bonsai, but they are a lesser breed) fully understands the relationship, There is an exclusive and individual treeness to the tree because it is a living thing, and living things change, and there are definite ways in which the tree desires to change. A man sees the tree and in his mind makes certain extensions and extrapolations of what he sees, and sets about making them happen. The tree in turn will do only what a tree can do, will resist to the death any attempt to do what it cannot do, or to do it in less time than it needs. The shaping of a bonsai is therefore always a compromise and always a cooperation.  Continue reading

How can you be sure if you had an argument?

I think we just had an argument but there was so much laughter and rough housing throughout I cannot really be sure… How can you be sure? I am such a tomboy I think the only way to work it out is to wrestle it out. It worked at 16 and it works at 61.