I set my quick texts for the No Texting While Driving Law

No-Texting-While-DrivingThe next no texting while driving law goes into effect tomorrow.  These are the quick texts I’ve set on my cell phone to answer quickly whatever comes in. In an android phone, go to “Compose a new message” and the drop down menu will show your “Quick Texts” and you can “Edit” them to say what you’d like. Mine say:
1. Whatcha doing?
2. Can’t pick up, text me please.
3. Driving, will text you in a few minutes
4. I’m heading back, will text ya when I arrive.
5. Going to Publix, need anything?
6. Going to WalMart, need anything?
7. Driving now, info is on the website http://horizonsmagazine.com
8. I adore you
9. You are gonna get it when I get home