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Whew, for a minute I thought he was talking about me!

How silly we always think it’s about us, huh?  Someone made a blog post I reacted to and upon re-reading it fully, I realize it’s not about me at all.   It’s about people who think of themselves as spiritual leaders with followers.  I know that’s not me.  I question anyone who calls themself a spiritual leader, separating themselves from their “followers.” As Joan of Arcadia said: “I’m nobody important, just somebody digging around in the garbage trying to find something that matters.”  I share my journey with whoever is attracting the information. Don’t follow me, as you can see, I don’t know much more than you do.

Jeremy Bonner I did not have you taken off FB, I did not report you to anyone

A friend just said my ex wrote:  “It is easy to attack a man that has been labeled “unjustly” a sex offender. It is easy to report him to Facebook as such and have his Facebook page taken down, and to have him banned from Facebook.”  I have never reported him to FB. EVER.  I’m sure FB keeps track of every key stroke and who it belongs to, so he just needs to check a little deeper into who had him kicked off if he indeed was. I’m sure FB also keeps track of deleted posts, deleted messages and deleted profiles and law enforcement has authority to access it all on a whim. Who cares? I just closed that door on that friendship and thought it was over.  Oh, and “unjustly?” Read the trial transcript and decide for yourself. Continue reading

Getting your house in order

Earlier I was contemplating all the help I received from a friend in 2012 for making some home improvements.  I began literally getting my house in order before his arrival, moving furniture to accomodate two, planting a privacy hedge and creating new outdoor sitting areas.  While here, he repaired my back porch, replaced siding and reorganized the kitchen and pantry. He motivated me to tile my kitchen and bathrooms and replace the front porch light, jobs I’d put off for years.  It was like I didn’t mind living with it that way for myself, but I wanted something better for a guest.  I can be fairly oblivious sometimes, so focused on some project and not notice nor care that I  never tiled the kitchen floor after pulling up the old vinyl years ago.  But as I began to prepare to share space with a beloved guest, I saw my humble abode through their eyes and I wanted more for them.  I wanted things to be fresh and new and complete to delight the senses. Whatever we do for anyone, we do for The Beloved, The Guest, for God. We want to please all sorts of people as excuses for wanting to delight God, to please The Beloved, who comes disguised in as many forms at as many times as we allow. So as I reflect on having spent 2012 getting my house in order, I thank and bless the one who helped me do that. Now I can’t help but wonder what I was getting it in order for and in what form The Guest will appear next.



Just how do you “vibrate in harmony” with something?

The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with the people who are already the way you want to be.  If you want to get somewhere, you have to vibe there, and no better way than to put yourself in the situation with those who live it.  What does vibe there mean? It means find those who are doing what you want to do and look at what they look at, be interested in what they discuss, focus on what they focus on.  That “puts you in the vibe.” If for whatever reason you can’t maintain the vibration, those people and those circumstances will leave your experience.  You will then find yourself among those with whom you DO vibrate in harmony, with whom you do match vibrational resonance.  From that stance, you can re-evaluate and, if it’s not where you want to be, you can pivot your focus toward the better feeling place and begin moving there.  If you find yourself gaining ground, and then losing it, over and over, that’s simply a focus and feeling issue, and you can practice those doing daily creative visualization exercises.

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Face it, and mystically the healing process begins

“If you can’t face it, you can’t heal it. Don’t deny there is a problem. Face it . . . and mystically the healing process begins. The soul loves the truth.” Denise Linn

Rev. Suzan Bailey touched on this today at The New Way POD as she concluded her series from Don Miguel Ruiz’ book Mastery Of Love.  Be truthful. Clear up the past. Forgive everything and everyone. Believe nothing anyone tells you. How synchronistic that’s been a topic this past month. Also, synchronistically, Rev. Beth Head at Unity of Melbourne this morning asked “are you content where you are right now?” Just before church, I’d posted: “I have a happy life. I’m always open to more, I always want the more expansive experience, but I am also content right now.” That’s the Universe’s way of letting me now I’m in the flow and in tune with those around me. To everyone who’s chosen to be on this path with me, I appreciate walking beside you and welcome your course corrections as you see I might need them.  My intention is to be transparent and truthful, sharing how I manuever through my insights and my wounds, my successes and my challenges.  I find healing in my own stories as I read them years later. What a difference time and distance make.



I love when friends take me into the other side of the looking glass

A friend and I have decided we like each other better now that we’ve both grown up.  We knew each other 16 years ago and we’ve both mellowed.  We share a passion for research and study about natural remedies. He knows much about nutrition as medicine, and particularly about physical and mental “diseases” that are nothing more than vitamin and mineral deficiencies. He knows my history of bipolar male family members, so he named particular deficiencies I was unaware of. I’ll have to add them here when I get the spellings. I knew bipolar is partially a deficiency of magnesium and omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins B and C. Deficiency of folic acid can increase levels of homocysteine. Raised homocysteine is strongly linked to depression.  So much can be treated by nutrition, without taking pills that cause so much chemical imbalance.  We just need to educate ourself.  I really like it when I can learn from a friend who knows more about something than I do.  It’s really a turn on to the mind. I love to set those neurons firing.   Continue reading

Do you feel isolated and alone as you dwell on your own life?

You may feel lonely and isolated as you dwell on your own life, rather than trying to relate wholeheartedly to your friends and family. Limits may come up for you at this time. These restrictions are only as real as your mind makes them. Remember, while you may not have a choice of which thoughts surface in your mind,  you do have a choice of which thoughts to dwell on. As hopeless as any situation feels, it is always only your thoughts you are dealing with, and you have the power to change those. When you find yourself dwelling on a topic that does not bring you pleasure, take a moment to pivot your thoughts to something else. That helps you break the cycle. The thoughts will come less and less, and you’ll move emotionally away from the hamster wheel of negative thought and negative emotion as you move into a different, happier pattern of thought. If your life is not happy now, stop dwelling on your life as it is and instead dwell upon it as you would like it to be.

I did a quick walk thru at the Downtown Melbourne Art Fest

I did my first quick walk thru at the artfest. I like to go alone first and check out all the paintings, looking for cover art for the mag. A buddy and I will do a walk thru after lunch, more leisurely. We may go later and check out the music as well.  I am the worst, already I wanna stay home alone and work on the computer and play in the garden… no matter how much fun someone is or how much I dig them, I sure dig my alone time in the quiet. I have so many good thoughts waiting in my head to be thought on, awaiting air time… I’m always delighted at last minute cancellations – unexpected alone time! No wonder I attract brats, look at what a brat I am.


Right now, everything that is unresolved in your life is coming up in order to be addressed once and for all and move onto the next level. How fast or slow that happens is up to you.



Living lightly upon the Earth

As I took my garbage out this morning, I thought about the concept of “living lightly upon the Earth.” I know that it goes beyond me having a low flow shower head, recycling and driving a Toyota Prius. I own a unit in an over-55 mobile home park which I rent out and it’s under some nice big oak trees. Every fall, the leaves cover the ground and the neighbors get on my tenant for not raking them. They want her to do what they do: rake all the leaves up and put them in a plastic bag and put the bag out to the curb for the garbage pickup. What?? Why not just leave them where they fall to do the job of mulch and nourishment as nature intended? I just can’t sanction putting them in plastic bags, and since it’s not a homeowners’ association rule, we just don’t do it. Continue reading