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And reflections in the mind may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of normality.

Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be, the last of life for which the first was made. Robert Browning.   As each year passes, I don’t feel older, I just feel happier and freer. Knowledge is freedom. May it ever be so.

More spidey sense and synchronicity with a friend

I awoke this morning with a line in my head from one of the poems a friend had written when we met:  “We speak the language spiritual, which no one comprehends. You are my teacher and the student, of loving spirit without end. I am closer to the spirit, our entangled spirits chase. The intertwined of loving kind, long past the end of days.” I posted it on Facebook, adding, “That’s all of us here, too. We all teach and learn from each other.”  He replied, “That you would pull THIS poem out of thin air is really strange, as I was drawn to this specific poem yesterday.  Sometimes it’s like you’ve rented space in my head. ”  I said, “And you’re surprised once again at the mind-meld, why?” This happens to us a lot.    Continue reading

How I spent Christmas Day

I wrote at How do I know if it’s intuition or just my mind talking smack? that I’d synchronistically driven into a friend’s driveway just as he was coming out of his door to walk over. We laugh when that happens, as it often does.  He came with me on a noontime ride along the coast.  I like to take what I call “the loop,” driving south on US1 then east across the Wabasso Causeway to AIA.  Then I head north along Highway AIA with the Atlantic Ocean to the right, and the Indian River to the left, until I come to the Hwy 192 Causeway, which I take west to US1 and then south back home.  It’s a different ride with someone along, so we listened to rock and roll and sang and car danced along with it.  We watched the river and the boats, there were very few on the water although it was a warm 70 degrees.  I dropped him off for a family dinner and got into my day. Continue reading

How do I know if it’s intuition or just my mind talking smack?

Christmas Eve I was up working and playing until about 7:00am, then slept until noon when I decided to head out to the beach for a surf check.  I figured my sidekick would sleep hours longer, so I got ready and jumped in the car.  I thought, “I wonder if he’s up yet, should I ask him to go?” My mind said, “No, he’s asleep, he was up late.” My intuition stopped me at the corner in front of his house.  “At least tap lightly on the wall and give him the chance to come on my adventure.”  My mind told me, “He’s asleep, drive on.”  I pulled into his driveway and was preparing to put it in neutral to back out without the beeping sounds when he came out the front door, on his way over.  The question always is, “Am I listening to guidance or is that my mind talking smack? How do I know what is intuition and what is my mind pretending it knows what is what?

“Sapiosexual: A behavior of becoming attracted to or aroused by intellignce and its use.”  I find intelligence in a spiritual seeker the most sexually attractive quality.

“I am blasphemy and religion, pure and impure; Old, young, and a small child. If I die, don’t say that he died.  Say he was dead, became alive, and was taken by the Beloved.” ~Rumi