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Don’t like your rights taken away? Don’t take away someone else’s

I saw this and liked it:
Don’t like gay marriages?  Don’t get one…
Don’t like abortions?  Don’t get one…
Don’t like sex?  Don’t have it…
Don’t like drugs?  Don’t do them…
Don’t like porn?  Don’t watch it…
Don’t like alcohol? Don’t drink it…
Don’t like your rights taken away?
Don’t take away someone else’s.

I’m living happily ever after and did not need a Prince to get me there

I don’t have the “romantic partner for life” dream.  That makes life so much easier because I have fewer dashed expectations.  It’s easier – not to mention more productive and time efficient – to have secret crushes, keep to myself and tend to business.   I didn’t know this was how I was going to feel at this age.  I used to always be in a relationship, one after another.  I loved it and them.  But in my 30’s that began to change and I began to want more time to myself.  Who I was was expanding and I needed more space between my molecules.  I wanted more silence and less in-person interaction.  I became more aware that what I think and do and say in the moment has power beyond anything I thought possible.  That when those 3 are in sync, what I give out and what I get back is always instantaneous — and I can make it good and I can make it bad.   Continue reading

A Reality Show I’d Like To See

I just watched a few minutes of Big Rich Texas and was inspired. How about a reality show where all the purposefully mean girls undergo two weeks of breathwork, meditation, yoga, sensitivity training and trust building exercises. The first week their jaws are wired shut.

Former Facebook Posts on this day in 2009, 2010

2010: I just had some delicious miso soup, and am watching squirrels go after the new pine cones. They eat them like cartoon squirrels would eat a cartoon ear of corn.

Everybody believes in something and everybody, by virtue of the fact that they believe in something, uses that something to support their own existence. Frank Zappa

I’m going to jump into the new puffy chair and have a nap in the giant marshmallow.

2009: A composer is a guy who goes around forcing his will on unsuspecting air molecules, often with the assistance of unsuspecting musicians. Frank Zappa

I just made some orange jello. I put canned pears in it.

I’m sauteeing mushrooms, carrots and scallions for dinner.

I always wake up wondering what magic does today hold for me?

I always wake up wondering what unexpected and exciting happening is waiting for me today. What gift will unfold before my eyes, if I keep them open and looking for it? What person will I run across who may become a forever friend and how will our lives change because of even a 10 minute call? What if magic and happiness comes out of it in surprising ways? What if? What if?

Why are friends changing religions?

Autographed copy??

A friend shared that several family members radically changed their religions in the past few years, now putting their new radically conservative ideologies above friends and family. What I see is that as we get older, we seek deeper meaning. Some of us study comparative religions and as we see the commonalities, we come to greater understanding of how they all tie in together and that we are all connected. Others were taught one thing only and cling to it, not knowing they are limiting themselves and the scope of their “God.” Years ago, when I noticed myself becoming more devotional, I prayed I wouldn’t become unbearable to be around, like so many of my newly “born again” friends. In their enthusiasm to share their newfound joy, they simply aggravated and alienated everyone around them. Continue reading

In the oneness of the collective consciousness, we can turn a hurricane into a festive rain together

Luz Aguirrebena wrote on Facebook yesterday, “I heard hurricane Irene was coming at 100 mi/hr…  later I heard the speed went down to 90.  This morning hitting North Carolina, was down to 85.  I heard people working consistently with the hurricane’s energy to slow it down… it made me think and mark my words. There is no hurricane that will resist us when we come in the oneness of the collective consciousness… one of these days we will become aware that yes, we can even turn a hurricane into a festive rain together.”  It thrills me when I find someone who thinks as I do and knows the possibilities that exist for us all.