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Mindfulness practice heals the cells in our brain and body

Mindfulness practice does what no drugs can do.  It causes neural pathways to grow thicker and more robust, more capable of carrying signals.  Anyone can benefit from this. Childhood trauma can cause neurons connecting critical thinking with emotional control in the brain to whither and die. Mindfulness heals these connections.  Compassion, empathy, understanding, acceptance and other benefits come from daily sitting practice of mindfulness.  Here is a tip for parents: Daily sitting 25-30 minutes a day heals the neurons connecting critical thinking with emotional control in the brain.  No beta waves means no words, no words means no story.  Nothing better than a direct experience of the universe that is beyond words.  The real universe is so much bigger than can be defined by words or contained by thought we let go of the basis of thinking to experience it in all its magical glory.  It is akin to being reborn fresh and new when thought returns.  From gong musician/therapist/healer Richard Hite.

On Legalizing Marijuana

time for changeWanting repeal of prohibition isn’t just about getting high.  Cannabis is a natural medical treatment.  Many friends suffering from chronic pain, from cancer, MS, rheumatoid arthritis and mood swings of bi-polar could not tolerate mainstream medications.  Marijuana helped them to manage their symptoms and to ease the anxiety of having a terminal condition. It is a miracle plant put here by a loving Creator, for a reason. It is a sacrament. It is holy. One reason I eat healthy is to avoid ever having to take medication since they all interact with each other. That + stress + fatty foods all make the liver work overtime.  I take zero meds and drink zero alcohol just to have a happy liver.  I don’t want to depend on prescriptions during an illness if I can avoid it, if the time ever comes.   And it’s not just about the medicinal side, it’s also about getting industrial hemp growing in this country again.  We’re wising up.  It’s time for reform.

Cannabis Oil: Used to treat conditions such as epilepsy, Lou Gehrig’s disease and cancer, the Charlotte’s Web bill signed June 2014 legalizes noneuphoric strains of marijuana that are high in cannabidiol, or CBD, but low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound that produces a high.

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Yesterday’s Synchronicity Saved Me From Bank Charges

I wrote on Facebook yesterday:  “Yay, I just had an early meeting cancel, I’m going for a walk!”   I thought I’d pay bills before I left, so I signed into online banking.   I pulled up my accounts and was about to go to Bill Pay when I refreshed the screen and saw they’d just recorded an overdraft protection and there was a big minus amount in my personal account.  I’m good about staying on top of my banking, so I quickly went thru my check register alongside the statement and found I’d paid a 4 figure bill out of the wrong account.  Instead of my walk, I got to spend the morning transferring funds, running charges, opening mail, making up a deposit and running to the bank.  That’ll teach me to pay attention. Or to keep an extra few thousand in each account just in case. Continue reading

Let’s do some Ho’oponopono for Lee Tritt and attend the event this Friday July 1st at the Eau Gallie First Friday Art Walk

Elise “Lee” Tritt

Our dear friend, Lee Tritt, is undergoing daily treatment for brain cancer.  Please visit the website (see Events also) to see how you can help, even if you just quickly donate $10.  I think a little Ho’oponopono is in order for her.  I know that everything in my world is my responsibility, simply because I’m aware of it. “I forgive you and for whatever my (unknown/karmic) part in the situation, I ask forgiveness, I thank you for your part in my life and I love you.”  Really. Continue reading

A breakfast smoothie NOT to make

Note to self:  Wake up and put glasses on before making breakfast smoothie.  Chicken broth is not a substitute for soy milk and smoked paprika is not a substitute for cinnamon.  But hey, one swallow and I’m awake now.

Do you really want to live this way another 40 years when you have access to so much more? It’s all related.

I got a surprise this morning when I stopped to see a friend.  After I left, I remembered something and came back.  I honked as I pulled in the driveway and he met me at the door.  We stepped into the house to pick up the item I forgot, and I could hear he’d turned the radio on.  Fox News Radio blared.  Really loud.  I made a joke at the time but just now it percolated back into consciousness.  It never occurred to me that this person would listen to the news, much less Fox news, before work every day.  That that is part of his routine in preparing for the day.  Not that I’m judging what he wants to do, I’m just surprised is all.

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A friend reads me the riot act for the wake I leave behind me. Even buying ripe bananas brings up my commitment issues.

Too much commitment

A long time friend wrote me yesterday and gave me a little heck for not making time for them.  It’s a real life friend who’s really a favorite and I’m always stoked when I come across them out in public.   “Friendship is about participation, ” they wrote, “You don’t do that. At least with me. I’m not going belabor it.  It’s not the first time by far.  I know you have the time crunch thing.  I’m OK with that.  I don’t need your regular participation.  Just quality participation. You’re so busy juggling so many things.  You don’t see the wake behind you, pure and simple.  You have been doing it for such a long time it doesn’t register.   Surprising you don’t burn out, or become bipolar over it.  I used to know people that would do loads of coke, probably doesn’t come close to your level of voluminous thought or work.    Anyway it’s probably not going to change and you don’t seem to be able to connect with this. I’m dropping it.  Now.  Good luck.  You call this loving what you do.”  Continue reading

If you sell anything online, give this 8 minutes of attention

I wrote on Facebook on June 16, 2011: ” To the 11 clients who accidentally overpaid me on Paypal this week then told me to consider the overage a donation, thanks! It’s really my fault, though, I’ve been doing my  Paypal creative visualization to increase dollars :)”   My friend Barbara Casey commented: ” I love this stuff. I revised your Paypal visualization to also include Clickbank and after 6 weeks of zip, received 3 affiliate commissions in the past 3 days.”  I love how it works. I do tests with Visa only or MasterCard alone as well, just to show myself I can have an effect on what I attract.  Knowledge is power.  If you’ve got any kind of product or services online, do the visualization just once a day for 30 days, then sit back and watch the dollars roll in.

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We’re all on this Path together

I just came in from the garden where I re-routed some giant pothos along the walkway. A bunch of tiny lizards ran frantically ahead of me but I wasn’t chasing them, I was just walking that way.  It made me wonder how often I’ve run away from something that was never chasing me to begin with, but was rather just trying to be alongside me on the Path.

How can I attract something out of thin air?

“What do you mean by attract? How can I attract something out of thin air?”  Attract doesn’t mean what you want will appear out of nowhere like magic on the spot, although it could.  Attract means you attract the people and circumstances to fall into place to set the scene to progress you on the next step of where you want to be relative to whatever topic you have the least resistance on.  You can speed this up by giving thought to what you’d like, pre-paving your experience so to speak, via creative visualization. You still have to recognize opportunity and speak up. To me, that means always speak to strangers, too.  Check out these Creative Visualization Links.