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Writer’s Block Isn’t a Block At All; It’s a Billboard

Last night I spoke to a client who was convinced she had writer’s block. Have you ever had that?  I ask because many of you who read this are also writers, even if it’s just a journal.  You suddenly lose interest in putting words on the page, or, more likely, you just aren’t happy with what you’re writing.  There are a lot of theories on what writer’s block is and how to overcome it, and a lot of busy work can go into researching it.  But I think it’s just like anything else: the remedy is the most simple answer.  Recognize the block itself as a signal to you from the Universe in answer to something you’ve been asking lately.  Break down the elements of the block and you’ll find it’s not a block at all, it’s a billboard with your answer.  It’s your inner guidance talking to you. Continue reading

I Slept-Tossed My Eyeglasses In The Trash

I had a fun day Saturday, driving around Melbourne with Bryan Tilford, delivering the June Horizons Magazine to Creative Energy, Aquarian Dreams, Nature’s Market and Herb Corner.   We had fun goofing off and on the way home went to Chili’s for lunch.  We had chicken ceasar salads and made little sandwiches out of the croutons and shaved parmesean cheese.  When I got home I crashed out from 5:00pm til 1:00am.  When I woke up and reached for my glasses, they were missing. How can my glasses be missing, when all I did was nap in the big puffy chair? I felt all around me within arm’s reach and nothing.  Not in the chair, not on the floor. I got up and retraced my steps.  Increasingly I don’t need my glasses, so I’ve taken to laying them down, but usually only in obvious places where I can’t miss them.  Interestingly enough, my glasses from last year were also missing and I had to use a pair of designer eyeglasses from the 1970’s that made me look like Fearless Fly.  The new glasses are so lightweight and rimless that I needed to wear glasses in order to find them.  And voila, there they were.  Apparently when I was in the kitchen feeding Izzy, I’d tossed them in the trash.   That’s a new one. Continue reading

Let’s do some Ho’oponopono for the Tornadoes in the Midwest

I just saw on AOL where there was tornado destruction in Joplin, MO.   I think a little Ho’oponopono is in order for them.  I know that everything in my world is my responsibility, simply because I’m aware of it. “I forgive you and for whatever my (unknown/karmic) part in the situation, I ask forgiveness, I thank you for your part in my life and I love you.” Really. Continue reading

I love meeting old friends for the first time

I love it when I meet someone for the first time and we both get that we’ve known each other for lifetimes and are just reconnecting in this one.  And even better: when our issues and neuroses complement each other and don’t overlap.  Better still when we can call each other on our stuff and laugh about it and no one takes it personally and gets ticked.  That’s huge.  I have a few friends like that and it’s always nice to come across a new one.

Foods to Avoid with Arthritis

I was speaking with a friend the other day and rubbing her fingers for her.  As I rubbed over the knuckles, I felt hot spots and got the distinct impression she was having a problem she didn’t need to be having.  She told me she had arthritis and my first impression was “you don’t have to have it.”  I know not to say that to just anyone, so I held my tongue.  We’ve not yet had the conversation about how thought and belief affects and programs your physical body and how pretty much any physical condition can be reversed by change of diet and change of thought.  When she said arthritis, my inner intuition said, “she doesn’t have to have this and it can go away for her pretty quickly by eliminating something she eats.”  Then my human thoughts turned to how can I have this conversation with her when she is not asking for my input?  I try not to give unsolicited advice, since that’s a good way to alienate friends who think you’re acting like a know it all.  But I was interested enough to Google arthritis and see what foods are known to contribute to it.   I don’t know her eating habits except she does not eat red meat nor drink alcohol, coffee or tea.  My mother suffered with arthritis for years and she had a fast food and processed food diet.  The info I learned could have eliminated all that pain for her.  Here’s what I found: Continue reading

Seeking like minded friends on the spiritual path in south Brevard County, FL

I received an email this morning from someone looking for a like minded metaphysical group.  I get so many questions like this, I am asking you to help me answer it.   The writer asks  “I am in the process of coming out of doing all my metaphysical and spiritual work and discovery solo and distance into needing to find a group that is also on a similar path in order to get into what I am here to do. I am not sure where to start. I was wondering what kind of groups we have here, maybe some involving incarnated elementals and earth angels. I myself and am an incarnated mer on a mission and am still trying to get into the groove of things. All of my contacts are distance and it’s time for me to come out of the woodwork and start actually working with like minded people. Do you have any information that may be relevant for the Brevard area? I am in Palm Bay.”

I know there are a lot of groups going on, but unless they advertise in Horizons Magazine (plug – the calendar of events is just 30c per word!), there are too many to keep track of and they are ever changing.

Elementals and elementaries
The Elements

An Adventure With My Toyota Prius Not Starting

I’m in my new sitting room drinking hot ginger tea and watching two little brown bunnies having breakfast in the back yard.  I’d gotten up early and was going to drive to the beach for a surf check, then opened the garage door and was reminded my Toyota Prius got towed yesterday.   Saturday I had quite the adventure with it not starting.  I was going to go banjo shopping with Bryan Tilford and I put the key in the ignition and… nothing.  It was like a dream sequence where you do all the right things but nothing works as it should.  I checked with Byran and he assured me I was awake. Continue reading

Sarah Silverman and Jesus is Magic

I didn’t realize Sarah Silverman was such a chanteuse.  Last night I heared her sing “Did you ever take drugs so you can have sex without crying” on her tasteful as always comedy special on Showtime — this one entitled “Jesus is Magic.”  She’s a nice Jewish girl who is an equal opportunity offender.   She mentions being raped by a doctor “kind of bittersweet for a Jewish girl, really…”  Offensive or not, she’s found a way to acknowledge she’s had a challenging life and make the best of it in her own way.  Ah, it’s all grist for the mill, isn’t it?  A good yogi knows that.  And so does a good comedian.

What I should have done Tuesday and what I did instead

What I should have done yesterday was update my mailing labels, print them out, order office supplies, update bookkeeping on the new program, coordinate my drivers for Friday’s magazine delivery, do my post office paperwork for Friday’s mailing, return calls, and begin to get the second quarter financials together for my tax chick.  What I did instead of office work was work in my yard.  I pulled out a rotting 4×4 post and put in a fresh one, then created a fence of cut bamboo alongside the east side of the driveway.  I cut about a dozen palmetto fronds out of the pathway into the east garden and wove them into the bamboo fence to give privacy as I watch the street.  Now I can sit on the wrought iron chair behind the fronds and be fairly hidden, yet still get the breeze as it comes through.   Within minutes of me putting the area up and sitting to check it out, a pair of pilated woodpeckers and two baby cardinals landed within inches of my face.  Nice hiding place! Continue reading

I need feedback from musicians and singer/songwriters

Musicians and singer/songwriters:  Why do you do what you do?  What do you get out of it?  What do you want your listeners to take away from an experience of you?  I’m researching for a project about music, personal fulfillment and life purpose and would love for you to email your answers to me at  Your email address will not be used for anything else ever and I will not try to sell you anything ever.  Why do you do what you do?  What do you get out of it?  What do you want your listeners to take away from an experience of you?