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Jim Feldott’s Herbal All Natural Magic Juice

Magic Juice

I met Jim Feldott yesterday in Mt. Dora and had a shot of his Magic Juice.  I’m used to apple cider vinegar, fresh ginger and cayenne, so I was prepared for the kick.  I wasn’t prepared for it to be so delicious.  I bought a bottle on the spot.  I both use a half shot straight with a water chaser, and also use it as a salad dressing with olive oil on fresh organic greens.   I know the science and I’m a believer.  Jim told me he didn’t have a computer and he didn’t have a website, although one is in the works.  Until then, I wanted to help get the word out about him and his Magic Juice. I  loved it so much that I ran home and created a website for him. I already knew of the extraordinary health benefits of the ingredients he uses, but frankly, the taste  — and his engaging personality — is what sold me..

You can call his number and ask if a health food store in your town has it, in Brevard County, Sunseed in Cape Canaveral carries it.

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My Cansema Treatment Update

I wrote earlier at My experience with Cansema, a natural skin cancer remedy that I was ready to begin a new session of treatment with it.  On Thursday, February 24, 2011 at about 8:00am I applied to to a spot on my right leg, below and to the outer side of the knee.  By 8:45am I could feel a slight burning.  Oh, I should have taken a photo of that mark before I caked the Cansema on it…  It just looked like a flat mole that was just a little bit darker than the skin around it.  I applied Cansema on it in 2003 and it reacted big time but I wondered if there was any more in there.  We’ll see.   Continue reading

My experience with Cansema, a natural skin cancer remedy

I just bought some Amazon Salve, formerly known as Cansema (bloodroot.)  I used it in 2002 and 2011 for some facial skin cancers with great result.  It’s a thick black paste which you apply to the spot.  There are no adverse reactions and it cannot harm healthy skin.  But on cancerous cells, it turns all black and weird and crusty and if you don’t read about it beforehand, you’ll freak yourself out.   I found my notes from 2002 and wanted to share my experience with you.  (My notes from 2011 are here.)  Also below you will find the instructions for using Cansema.

They have machines that tell where the “pre-cancers” or actinic keratoses (sun damage) is, but I saw mine in my aura and that told me where to apply the paste. Everywhere I had one, it reacted, so my self-diagnosis was accurate.  In 2-6 weeks, it pulled out the diseased tissue and turned into a black cornflake on my face then fell off. I had one on the tip of my nose, and looked like a panda for 2 weeks. One below my knee took 6 months to heal because it is below the heart and has less circulation than my face.  Here are my journal entries about it:   Continue reading

How to be good in a crisis

My friend Domino said to me the other day, “I’m real good in a crisis situation.  I know how to take charge and get things done.  If it was the end of the world, I’d help everyone stay calm.  I’d save everyone. I’d be like Will Smith. “  I thought that is all well and good if someone announces on Tuesday that the end of the world will be here on Friday.  But that’s not how it happens. Maybe we just wake up one day and have no power and no cable and no internet and no phone and have no way of knowing what’s going on.  We keep thinking it will all be back on in a minute.  Maybe after a few days of that, we step outside and begin talking to our neighbors.  Maybe we find out they aren’t so annoying after all.  Maybe we make a new friend and it feels good to have a friend when we’re in an unknown situation.  It feels good to support each other in this.  Maybe we begin to hear rumors that it’s the end of the world and we see that some people are very afraid and beginning to panic.  We can help by turning their thoughts to more pleasant things.  We can remind them that no matter what’s going on, it will pass soon and we’ll be on the other side of it.   We can ask them to talk about hopes they have for the future, once this situation has passed.  We can ask them to recall the happy times in their lives, and get them vibrating in a better feeling place.  We can help them be hopeful, because when we are hopeful, we attract a more satisfying experience to ourselves.   That’s the most important thing  we can do in a crisis.   Continue reading