Why Do I Give Away Free What Others Charge For?

I’ve been asked why I give so much stuff away for free.  Things like free e-books and processes that other people will tell you are free, but are not since you have to give them your email address so they can spam you with their never ending marketing material.  So they can get you to sign up for even more and more stuff until they’ve baffled you into giving out a credit card number.  I’ve had friends who got charged for months, years before they noticed it. That’s what this type of marketer counts on. So I don’t do that.  To me, FREE means no strings.  FREE means you won’t be repeatedly solicited now that they know who you are and where to find you.  FREE means you just give them a link to the gift like I’ve done below.

When I do blog posts containing free giveaways, I always get comments from marketers who want to promote their product, like the guy who this week wanted to market his 12 cd set which contains just what my  e-book gave for free. The weblink he included was full of high pressure marketing language for his newsletters, video seminars, online conference calls and other products.  His is clearly the shotgun approach.

I believe you don’t need to buy anything in order to learn to make money and to change your consciousness about dollars.  So much is available for free online.  These are my most popular e-books – completely free downloads, no strings attached.  If they are followed step by step, your world will change and your life will expand in ways you never thought possible.

The Invisible Counselors Workbook, containing the entire chapter 14 of Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and his process for accessing inner guidance.

A FREE Action Summary of Think and Grow Rich, displaying in red all the actions to be performed for success.

Update: Think and Grow Rich script from last month fulfilled
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