Why did I get through the busy line when she couldn’t?

Domino had been trying to reach a government organization through an automated phone system and she had exactly 3 days to get through.  She began calling on Day 1.  The line was busy.  She called more often on Day 2.  The line continued to be busy.  On Day 3, she began calling as soon as they opened and called continuously for 90 minutes.  She kept calling while she dropped 2 of her 3 kids at daycare, got gas and shopped for groceries, continually doing the automatic redial.  Line was still busy.  When I arrived at her house for our appointment, she told me she had to continue calling and she had one child sick.  She was exasperated, she had things to do.   One of them was get her little one happy and settled so we could have our time together.  I suggested I continue to call for her while she did that.  Why did I get through when she couldn’t for 2 days?  

The oversimplified answer is: she had resistance to making the call under the deadline, and I didn’t.  Her thoughts were now OFF the phone call and she was fully engaged in having a few minutes of fun putting her baby to bed and held no resistant thought in her head for those few minutes.  A perfect combination for attracting the result you want.  I had the time to sit and continually redial and not be all frantic about the deadline.  I appreciated it was an efficient automated system that let me press the extension I needed before waiting for the message to end – a good idea for a heavy call volume department.  I noticed it had a pleasant voice. It was when I redialed the 7th time that I thought, ah, 7, a lucky number, let’s see new what I can appreciate about the recording on this call.  Since I’d made it into a game, and Domino was cuddling her new baby, of course the call went through.  A miracle?  Miracles are nothing more than natural events that transcend our familiar band of perception.