Why are so many hating on Whitney Houston?

Writer Bernadette Carter-King

Bernadette Carter-King writes:  “Did it ever occur to anyone that Whitney Houston’s sacred contract was to come here, live a fairy tale, fall from grace and ultimately suffer a tragic ending?  How many did she inspire both when she was on top and at rock bottom?  Is it at all possible that her path was indeed a noble one? Perhaps she lived such a public and tumultuous life so she could learn extremely hard lessons and ascend faster?  Is it possible that she’s a master who agreed to create the energy she did (both positive and negative) so that, literally, millions of others could learn? How many of the rest of us would put ourselves out there like that?

Most of humanity caves if they think one person doesn’t like what they’re wearing. Imagine a whole world focused on you, laughing and pointing fingers.  Let’s see the rest of us try that and let me know how it works out for you.”

Galpal Bernadette is not only the CCO at GatorCountry.com, one of the nation’s largest college sports sites, she is a tuned in chick with a discerning metaphysical mind.  Tuned in meaning conscious, aware, and other minded.  I am always interested in what she has to say.