Who cares if exes call or text your mate?

To the ones who complain to me when their mate engages in texts and late night phone calls with an ex who is trying to lure him back: Not to worry. He’s at your place while he’s doing it and he tells you all about it. If he wanted to be with them, he’d be with them. Meantime, feel free to text and call whomever you wish if you feel you’re lacking attention.   Nothing moves you on to a better feeling thought like a new flirtation.   After reading Wiki and Merriam Webster definitions (which differ) of flirtation, I will say that when I use the word, there is no romantic or sexual promise in it. Merely interest in and appreciation of who and what someone is and does.  My point is we each, regardless of conventional relationship obligations, must make it a point to spend time with those who uplift us and inspire us and add a pleasant experience to our life. Don’t expect to get it all from one person, because when that person leaves, you will then have nothing. Have a collection of friends who make you happy, and a variety of sources that stimulate and inspire you.  Then when your world and everything in it morphs and changes, you’ve got a big support team to draw encouragement and inspiration from.