When people pass along entire conversations that never took place, that is just how they work their own mirror out

There's always growth in the process

There’s always growth in the process

When people lie about you and pass along entire conversations that never took place, it helps to look at it from their point of view: Whatever the actual issue, it was not enough to make their case. The evidence would not stand on its own. Part of them cannot accept that. Part of them cannot see cause and effect. And it’s not up to you or me to judge when they need to do that.  We don’t know what brought them to this place. If you’ve been chosen as the most convenient mirror for them to work their own stuff out, quietly recognize that for the holy honor it is. Rather than soul search why the inability to control impulse to fabricate, word twist, name drop and exaggerate, their way of working out their stuff requires they do these things.

Don’t think you know when it’s time for someone to face the Truth and become authentic. This is part of their process of aligning their personality with their soul.  Until they are aligned within, they follow the impulse to align with some one or some cause to give their power to.  We all do it. The mind creates all sorts of drama to keep us from looking at ourSelf.  In time we realize how powerful a force for good we can be to everyone around us, everyone in the world, and we stop doing anything unrelated to that. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt.  They are not doing anything to you. Whatever it is, it has to do with them, not you.

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