Wheels: Be not jealous when the squeaky one gets the grease

Betty is feeling slighted.  She’s been a friend and co-meditator for 20 years.  We get together as often as possible to sit together, with or without others.  It’s not a very social group. We sit silently for an hour, then get back into our day.  We don’t use the time to chitchat. Lately, Domino has joined the group. She’s young, newly learning and has many questions.  Betty feels Domino is getting all the personal attention.  She feels Domino is the teacher’s pet now, she says, and that Betty, the years long loyal friend, is now old hat and kicked to the curb. I had to laugh. I count Betty as one of my longtime best friends.  Domino, at the learning stage, has many questions and I live to help people move through that. I wrote about it here: Kundalini Management 101 or how to regulate new energy coming alive when undergoing a personal transformation.  I told Betty that her reaction to Domino’s arrival on the scene was giving her an opportunity to bring up and clear up past issues.  And ya gotta celebrate everyone who helps you do that.  So, wheels, be not jealous when the squeaky one gets the grease.  They need it more than you do.  Honor their place on the Path as the wheels turn.