What is the value of contacting ghosts or loved ones in spirit?

What is the value in knowing that ghosts or spirits exist? It confirms that life goes on and that we survive physical death. When we lose our fear of death, a more expansive life becomes available to us. What is the value in interacting with ghosts or spirits? It demystifies a natural experience for us. It shows us that, just as here on Earth, there are many personalities to be dealt with and many levels of understanding, many dimensions some call it, many planes of existence. Most of the ‘ghosts’ you encounter that inhabit a particular haunted place might be termed earthbound, and often have a repetitive routine that seems to be ultimately pointless. If they are able to communicate, they may be ‘stuck’ on particular sentences and phrases, despite what you say to them in your attempt to engage them in dialogue. So far that describes a lot of physical people I know as well *LOL*

That’s the point. There are a lot of us in this world and we all can live harmoniously, together; physical, non-physical, big, small, all ages, despite race, religion, whatever.

Not everyone in the nonphysical world is stuck or earthbound, that just happens to be who might be easiest to contact, since they’re hanging around. And remember, just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you’re smart or that you know what you’re talking about. Example: You contact someone from the other side and ask them to describe what they see? You may get a former 5 year old boy telling all the colors and shapes he sees, as many as he has words for anyway. You may get a former botanist who goes into detail about plant species. You may get a former architect who describes the style of the buildings. You may get one of 5 blind men trying to describe the elephant. And they’re all telling you what they see, but they are all seeing it through their own personal filter.

Even as a ghost, each is telling you what he sees, according to his capacity to see it and his ability to convey it. No different than the humans right here on Earth. You just have to know who to listen to so you can tell who’s blowing smoke and wanting attention, and who’s sharing useful information. Not much different than here on the physical side of our world, huh?

Then there are the contact sessions, where someone wants to contact a loved one. Many times it’s only after a loved one dies that we realize how much they meant to us. For many people, the guilt and shame of not having had a chance to reconcile with parents, siblings, children, before their death is a burden they carry with them their whole lives.   When they are learn they are able to communicate with those who have crossed to the Other Side, their life takes on new meaning. They are able to have their say and make their peace. They are given the opportunity to apologize and forgive. They are given the reassurance that they never walk alone and that they are watched over and guided every step of the way. They can heal past issues and bury past swords.  Here is one example:

As a psychic medium, I often witness people going from being grief-stricken, emotional wrecks to being once again productive members of their family and society, merely upon reassurance that their loved ones still ‘live’ on. One new client had lost her husband of many years and, months later, she was still having daily crying jags that she felt affected her ability to concentrate at work. I went to visit her in her fairly new subdivision. She said they were in the process of moving into the new home when he passed unexpectedly.  The furniture and furnishings all appeared new, and she had 3 small white poodles who all danced clickedity-click across the tile floor. She put them in another room so their sounds wouldn’t distract me. We sat and got comfortable and almost immediately I got an image of a man, whom I described to her: tall, big shock of white hair, bifocal glasses with a paper clip where a screw should have held the earpiece on, plaid shirt and khaki pants and a booming voice. I saw him with a big tiger striped cat which he seemed to pet and scratch absent-mindedly. She said that was him and that the cat had just died earlier that week. He’d always said he didn’t like cats, but she said she knew better and this proved she was right!

At this point, the dogs began barking and I told her he said one of the dogs was new, he didn’t recognize the one dog. They all looked the same age and size to me – a cat person – but two were several years old and one was very young. Suddenly a young woman was with him, and she picked up the cat and was affectionate with it and it with her. As I described her kinda old fashioned wedge hairstyle, red glasses and hoop earrings, I was told that was their daughter who had passed 13 years earlier. The cat had been hers from a kitten. She did not know these particular dogs, however the family apparently always had small white poodles. She made a remark to her dad that mom finally got her way because ‘his’ dog – a studly male – now had pink toenail polish, and indeed all the dogs had pink toenail polish.

Her husband also noted that his wife had his favorite chair and desk back in the den she was using for storage, and that his clothes were still in their joint closet when she really could use the space for herself. He advised her to not hang on to anything on his account, he liked the way the new place looked and thought she would be happier there with less clutter in the back rooms.

It was such a lighthearted exchange that my client said most of the questions she wanted to ask were no longer relevant. I told her that if she spent some quiet time in meditation, that slowly she could attune to her husband and daughter, and communicate with them whenever she wished. I told her to know that, whenever she put forth the intent that she would like to communicate with them ? or anyone else who had passed ? that she could just express that thought and say what she wanted to say. And ask what she wanted to ask. And see what thoughts and guidance came to her in response.

As she became more practiced at this exercise, she was able to have a sense of direct communication with her passed loved ones, without having to have me, or another psychic or medium intervene for her. She once again went back to work and got involved in several projects with friends, no longer overwhelmed and burdened by a sense of grief or loss.

That is the value of experiencing contact with a “ghost” or “spirit” of a loved one who has passed on.  It is  nothing spooky, it is a natural process that allows the continuation of the relationship.

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