What Is My Message from the Undercarriage Incident?

During last week’s Ocala Cassadaga Trip, I managed to dislodge the plastic undercarriage cover on my 2007 Toyota Prius and, since it was dragging, I had to remove it before I could continue on my way.  I got to wiggle around underneath the front bumper of the car and locate the screws and bolts and remove the panel in two pieces.  One of the screws was so loose I could remove it by hand.  That made me think that the whole reason for the casing to drop was likely that a screw came loose and worked its way out.  I contemplated what my message was from that.

It wasn’t like I had no warning.  Since I got the car, I could hear a scraping as I parked at a concrete curb stop, and if I went a little fast over a bump.  I looked and saw nothing hanging down and figured I just needed to get used to the Prius being a low to the ground car.  But what was happening was that I already had a screw loose and didn’t know it.  No, that’s not my metaphor.  Stop laughing.

Almost every time I drove the car, I’d hear that sound, and each time I’d look and just see the low bumper and figure all was well, and go on my merry way.  Not until the other day did I actually look all the way underneath the front of the car, where I would have clearly seen that one of the screws was working itself lose and I could have nipped the problem in the bud.  But I didn’t look far enough or deep enough, although it would have only taken a few moments.  I wanted to be happy with my superficial observation, and I was.

However, due to the vibration of the car each time I drove it, the fact was that one of the fasteners to my protective covering was dislodging and I didn’t know it.  This gives me a message about what I may think my protective shells are, and how I act and react because of that belief.

Do I feel metaphorically that my protected underpinnings are coming undone, or that my sensitive underbelly is being exposed?  Perhaps just a message that if they do begin to come undone, I can – with vigilant and deep observation – eliminate any problems before they arise.  There are times for the casual, superficial glance and times for the deeper inquiry and it’s up to me to know when to do which.

And sometime we need an old foundation to fall away if it’s getting a little unreliable, and a new foundation needs to be laid.

Otherwise we’re just walking on wobbly ground.


In case the FTC is wondering, I am not endorsing anyone.

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