What I see when I see the aura

Aura photo 8-1-07

A friend asked: “Can you tell me what a split aura means? While interviewing a (crime) suspect, the right side of his aura was white, his left side was black, a complete split down the middle. Also his photos appeared the same, no matter from what angle I took them.” I responded, “I know everyone sees things differently. I’ve never seen an aura split down the middle and never see it as only one or two colors. For me, it’s a kaleidoscope of morphing colors that change and move at every thought. I get info from the newsreel that plays within the first few inches away from the body. When I see black, that is often an exterior shell that will break upon further questioning and reveal what underlies. Is it a blockage, an illness, a troubling thoughtform (which is all they ever really are) or maybe my own filter preventing me from seeing clearly? Ask and it will tell you. I also see what I look for. If I know anything about someone ahead of time, before viewing them or their photo, my mind sets up an expectation of what I might want to see evidence of and shows it to me. So the first impression might be an illusion, and I have to ask to see past that. To the degree I can drop any preconceived notions about what I might see, to that extent do I see clearly.
How the aura appears to me